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CITO 2007: photos photos photos

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I invite those who have participated in 2007 CITO events to post just 1 (or maybe 2) representative photos for the community to see.

Show off your best shot!

Give us the cache name or waypoint # ... and a link to it, please. That way we can see all the rest of the photos in the galleries.

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I invite those who have participated in 2007 CITO events to post just 1 (or maybe 2) representative photos for the community to see.

Show off your best shot!

Give us the cache name or waypoint # ... and a link to it, please. That way we can see all the rest of the photos in the galleries.


March will be our 1 year anniversary of adopting a location by Southern Arizona Cachers. I am sure we ill have better photo's for you then this month :lol:

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We had another successful Heavy Lift.

The Heavy Lift CITO's are challenging caches that are generally undertaken on difficult terrain, last year we cleaned out a stream blockage and removed close to three and a half tons of trash, one beam we lifted out weighed close to 1/4 ton.

This year we had another 4/4 CITO, I think these CITO's may be the most challenging caches I have ever undertaken and I am sure the participants would agree, they are tough and challenging CITO's aimed at specific problems.

We expect small turnouts as they are not suitable for family outings, they are really aimed at working folks who aren't daunted by lifting hundreds of pounds. We take a coffee break but there is no lunch or barbeque, we really focus in on the task.

This year we only managed to get 1/2 ton but most of the material had to be moved close to a 1/2 mile in distance and it was almost all uphill.

We work closely with the city Parks and Recreation Department which may seem strange until you consider the unique position that geocachers occupy, we are not volunteering, we are out having fun, it really is a type of recreation like soccer or baseball so no releases are required.

With volunteers there are liability issues and these issues aren't relevant when we approach these tasks as a form of recreational activity.

In our first Heavy Lift we got permission from every level of government, federal, provincial and municipal. The area we worked in had generated numerous complaints from concerned citizens but we weren't complaining, we were offering to clean it up for fun! Eventually Municipal Operations turned it over to Parks and Recreation. The Parks staff were surprised and really didn't think we had a chance of cleaning the area out, we did a great job and it is still cleared out and the stream is very happy. :lol:

This year we identified an area that had a lot of heavy items left behind by illegal dumping. A lot of people carry a trash bag and pick up light litter but the heavy stuff is more than most people can handle. Heavy Lift II was set up for an area along the river and we removed all the heavy items, I like to think our efforts dovetail nicely with those of concerned citizens and this small wilderness area will be vastly improved by our efforts and the efforts of those who continue to pick up light litter.

Here are a couple of pictures and a link to the log with lots more pictures.





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Heres our event for the Kick Off Clean Up.. NorthEast Wisconsin a group of us decided to put on a series of CITO events in the month of april, and i got the first weekend, so i called it the Kick Off Clean Up well here is the group Pictures




the whole crew.. it turned out to be a great event and with the working with the Manitowoc PRD, planning on many more events this summer.. as they have requested if we could come in and clean out a couple other parks for them.. should be a lot of fun!


heres the link to the event page


Kick Off Clean Up CITO 2007

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We had a decent turnout yesterday with probably about 40 or so people picking up trash. The GGA had cleaned this area 4 years ago for CITO day. So it was really surprising all the trash we got out of the same area yesterday.



This was the pile that began truckload #3. The first two dump visits had gone on while I was still bagging up trash on the trail.



This was some group members filling up truckload #3. In the end, 4 truckloads of trash were hauled to the dump by this NPS vehicle shown.



Kind of sad how many use this area as their personal dump site, even with signage like this!


The Georgia Geocachers Association 2007 CITO was GC11KZG: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f4-7dfd4136d03a

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In Missoula, MT we did a CITO at an unoffical campground and shooting range in Lolo National Forest. The NF recreation manager joined us for the day and was stunned by how much we managed to get done. We ended up filling his truck and XCTracker's truck.

Cache Page

Al from the Lolo National Forest and Yumitori carry some large debris off the shooting range:



The Group Shot after the Event- in front of the full trucks:


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2007 International CITO Day, Luther Hall Landing CITO ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4b-98919562b890 ).


Conditions were perfect for a cleanup and I'm SO proud of the 22 attendees and the job they did. They REALLY made an impact.






(Supply Table)






(Geokids Before the Cleanup)



(Cleanup Boats Launching)



(Hbunch Cleaning the Cove)



(TeamGeoduck Cleaning the Shore)



(Chris Cleaning Near the Boardwalk)



(Cleaning the Park)


When we finished up, the haul of trash was quite amazing. We found toasters, propane canisters, tires, barrels, bottles, LOTS of bait containers, and many other types of litter. The picture below really doesn't fully reflect and relay the amount and weight of the trash we actually collected!



(Attendees of the 2007 International CITO Event at Luther Hall Landing Park!)


Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts. I sincerely hope that all attendees had a wonderful time and know that they really made a difference!

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Our second CITO this year was an interesting first for this area, for Alberta and perhaps for all of Canada. The idea for an invasive plant CITO originated with the local park staff and I found a California CITO that was setup for battling invasive plants so we knew it was OK to plan a similar event.

The work is very concentrated and much harder than it originally looked.

Our event theme was the novel "The Day of the Triffids" and we were attacking a plant called wormwood sage, an invasive plant which takes over territory that should be populated with common sage and prairie sage.

Here is a link to our event and I included a couple of shots below.


We had a really good turnout and we managed to remove thousands of these plants in a high visibility location in the park. We watched the 1963 movie The Day of the Triffids after the event. A lot of kids were there and watching mom and Dad sweat is a great way to communicate the fact the we care about the environment and our local ecology.






Only about half the CITO participants were there for the group shot, the weather was so nice that a lot of people went cache hunting, only a few stayed to watch the movie! Last year we had snow and rain and it was cold so this year was really nice in comparison. Thanks to everyone who helped, Cache Effect, our local reviewer donated a Volunteer Reviewers Geocoin, thanks Cache Effect.



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:D Southern Arizona Geocachers celebrate their 1st Anniversary of the Alamo Wash CITO, Tucson Arizona March 2007.


Southern Arizona Geocachers have held an Alamo Wash CITO event every 2 months since March 2006. :D


March 2007 is our 7th event marking our 1st year anniversary?


Way to go SAG!


Alamo Wash CITO - Part Sept (GC111V8) Link:




Starting place: Grant Rd Culvert, then heading southwards to Pima Street.



Other CITO Event photos can be viewed from the following link: Az Desert Brew & Crew's Live Spaces

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Here are some pictures of the CITO event we attended (geoRickS & Geo-Mojo took the pics).


Hot Creek Road Cache-Clean-n-Chow


This road usually isn't packed with vehicles, so I can only imagine what the "muggles" thought when they saw a bunch of vehicles driving through the desert. :laughing:




At the end of the day we got weird looks from those passing by. They were probably wondering why a large group of people were getting their picture taken in front of a construction sized dumpster. ;) Sad thing is we probably could have filled up many more construction sized dumpsters with what we saw out there! Too bad we only had one (and as you can tell it's overflowing!).



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