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Name that Cacher


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Ok - my wife has never been much for these forums but has recently spent some time browsing through some topics. She was telling me that she has sort of developed a mental image of some of the posters based on comments and listed hides. She is disappointed to find so few pictures in profiles. So here goes, a topic to post your picture to. Dispel the myths and legends. Try and find one while you are out caching.


I believe this stands a good chance of getting derailed but thought I would give it a go.


This message is just to kick things off while I dig through my photos looking for a good one of us out Geocaching. Anybody else want to share?


macinvilas here, the two of us Craig Linda







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Two of my favorites! First one is our grandson, Jude. Affectionately called 'Jude the Dude'. He even has a cache named after him. This pic was taken during his first exposure to geocaching. Loved it so much he cried when he had to leave (takes after his grandpa).


The second pic is one of Mrs. P, aka 'Blossom' (she owns a flower shop). It was a chilly 6deg. F that day. About a mile walk to the cache and plenty of snow on the ground. As you can see she takes a great picture.






Dr. P :D

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Okay, here I am getting FTF at Beijing Rickshaw.



Here's another at Portal to the Past (Köln) in (where else?) Köln, Germany.



And then another in nearby Frankfurt, Germany at the RWY 42 cache.



Finally, here's me at Vladimir Saved cache in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. I'm the small guy at the bottom.



So now you know what I look like.


How did you get the GPS planted in your head like that?

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I'm dying to know what you traded for her.


A couple of broken McToys, what else? ;)


OK - so I'd better call my local reporter back and update yesterday's interview...

I've got a much better example now of the 'best treasure I've ever seen coming out of a geocache'!


:laughing::lol: :lol: :(;):)


Yes, and she does the dishes and cooks! B)


Next thing you will be telling us that you're a happy camper because you have a wife & a TV that works. What a deal! :D


Now if you could get Wyoming to repeal that nasty old 'women can vote' thing.

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