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GSAK Won't Talk to Garmin 76 Series


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When I try to upload or download waypoints from GSAK to my GPSMAP 76CSx from GSAK, a "sending waypoints" or "receiving waypoints" dialog box comes up with a gas gauge that goes from empty to full over and over and over and over and over, ad infinitem. It seems like it isn't communicating with the GPSr at all. USB connection. I can upload and download fine with Mapsource. The only way to get GSAK to do anything is to end task in task manager. Help!

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I recently had the same problem with GSAK when I tried to download waypoints to my new Venture CX (a USB connection). I solved the problem by getting the latest version (6.6.4, build 20) of GSAK, which includes an updated version of GPSbabel.


You didn't mention which version of GSAK you are using and which OS your computer uses. If your OS is Windows 98 or Windows ME, the version of the GPSbabel program (which actually does the output to the GPS) included in the latest GSAK package has a fix for the "Windows 98 & Windows ME freeze problem". The fix can be activated via the "advanced " tab in GSAK's tools.

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