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Deleting "Found" Log - Help

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OK everybody - today I had a stupid attack. At my age that's allowed :blink:. I was logging in a few finds today, entered one digit incorrectly doing a cache search, didn't notice it, logged the find and went on. Later however, I noticed that a find of mine today was in New Mexico! I was in South Carolina all day today I swear!


Is there anyway to delete that log and the find? I really hate the erroe and surely do not want incorrect information on my finds.




Portraider :blink:

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  1. On the cache page, click the link directly under you log that reads [view/edit logs/images on a separate page].
  2. It will bring up the 'view cache log' page. Assuming that you are signed in and that you are the owner of the log, you will see a button called 'Delete Log'. Click it.
  3. You will be asked if you are sure. Click 'Yes'.

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