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Secondary residence cache


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I would say that as long as you're there on a somewhat regular basis and would be able to perform maintenance on it if needed, then it should be fine.


That rule is mainly to stop people from placing caches while on vacation. I live in Michigan, and if I went to, say, the Grand Canyon for vacation and put a cache there, I would have no way to maintain it if something happened and would simply have to archive it.

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It depends on a number of things like exactly how far away the other location is (50 miles is usually no big deal, 500 is) and the frequency of your visits.


The reviewer will probably look for a record of your finds over a period of time in the other location to prove that you do visit it regularly. Failing that, you might have to do a little convincing. Because your fiancee's parents live there and you visit every two weeks, that is in your favor.


It would also help your case if you are able to enlist a local geocacher to help watch your cache for you. A reviewer who sees a reviewer note that says "Vaddynwashere, a local geocacher, will be assisting me with maintenance for this cache" is more likely to publish the cache than if he sees a note that says simply "My father-in-law will help take care of the cache for me".

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Currently I live 120 miles from my office plus I do take some extended business trips. Obviously I have a second home closer to work. This is only part of the reason I have placed so few caches. Most cachers local cachers know of this situation and the whys of it. So when I had the perfect container and a great spot I wrote up my submission. On the notes to the review I address the situation and told them the cache was less than 1/3 mile from my home, which cachers would take care if anything arose while I was gone, and other long term work travels odds. Reviewer gave it a go and thanked me for the notes.


Sometimes it saves times to have and present the plan before being asked.

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