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geo forum in Sudbury?


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Don't think there is a dedicated forum to the Sudbury area on geocaching. If there is, I'd like to know as well. There might be one on another site.


As far as I know, there are still ppl caching around here in the winter, I'm one of them as a matter of fact. No snow, good weather, go for it.



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i havent had time to go out and look for any caches yet. my wife and i just had a new baby in early december. i spend the little time i have looking and reading about geocaches here and various other sites. I would just love to take my 2 1/2 year old daughter out.


hopefully i can get out b4 there is too much snow on the ground. which by te way it's going, i'll have lots o time... lol


glad to see other geocachers from sudbury and ares on this forum.



i started a google group for those interested..


My google group


(please let me know if his is not allowed in this forum)

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Looks like winter finally got here. Time to hang up the GPSr till spring.

Why hang up the GPSr? Winter just adds to the challenge but not a reason to stop caching, actually one of my pet peeves is when a cache is removed on a weekend for winter, usually the day I am looking for it.


There nothing like the challenge of following foot step in the snow. Just recently did a couple that way. Didn't even bother turning on the GPSr, except for the "GPSr next to the cache" pic.



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I did the PB3 cache last week in the snow. Left tracks directly to it, looked at 'em, thought it was just TOO obvious. So, I walked around in circles for a while and then all over the hill just in case someone was coming to the cache after me. :ph34r: You would have had fun following THOSE footsteps Paul.

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caching is still possible in winter, but it's better when we get some fresh snow, buries any previous tracks and makes the scenery beautiful. Been a really good winter to get in some extra caching this year, but winter is here now, won't be too long and it's spring anyways, then it's the blackflies and mosquitos. LOL


geocachingontario is another place, but did not see any forums.

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The number of active cachers in the area definately drops off after snow falls... too bad...there seemed to be quite a lot of actvity in the summer and fall. Now there only seems to be 3 or 4 families around Sudbury that are still oot and aboot on a regular basis.


PaulnJen, Red&Kodiak,Denis&JulieandDon,and Need1es & I... even El Dee hasn't been around in a while. :unsure:


The weather isn't THAT bad folks...

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Oh ya, I'm still caching. Trying to hit 50 before the baby comes. (3 weeks to go)


As a matter of fact, we just put our 1st cache out this weekend (Feb 3). Should pop up shortly on the site.




congrats on the upcoming baby!!!


my 2nd child was born on dec 12 06.

it's hard to get out sometimes with him. he constantly wants to be fed. i would have to take the entire family!lol... (would be 4 of us). it's a nice time tho. i took parental leave from work, so i might be off for 35 weeks.... gotta love that.


im looking at putting my first cache up as well in the garson area... there are no caches near home :huh:

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We are probably the only city in N.Ontraio right now where you can still easily do some winter caching. There's only 3" of snow in the forest! It's been a pathetic winter.




isnt it great! i love it! may it stay away for the rest of the winter.

i used to like winter but now im getting old.....

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Was taking advantage of the nice weather in Nov and Dec. And here we are now in Feb and it's still great for caching, although a little colder. Usually when I get involved in things, things seem to go downhill, but geocaching has been totally opposite. It's a banner year. Enjoying it now, the spring will bring out the bugs, and they'll be able to carry you to a cache.LOL. Got the bug jackets already to go.

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Looks like the caching activity has gone up this weekend (Feb 17-18).


Been trying to do the Fielding park cache and having a hard time with it. Can't seem to find the WP#1. On the last attempt, there was some crazy Mid-Evil times battle going on outside.


There are a couple more multi's I'm working on as well. Rotary Park is a long, but a nice walk where WP#5 could be a challenge, and the multi at Science North. Both still not found.



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midevil times battle??


you mean with swords and horses and everything?



as a transit bus operator, i see those guys in summer all the time.

on lasalle sec school grounds... bell park.... even drive them

to their destinations... ya. they have capes, swords, crossbows etc.

all weapons are tipped with foam or nerf material. almost like gladiator

style weapons

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Winter caching is the best! No bugs to worry about and you can always dress for the cold. (Unlike Summer where you can never take enough clothes off to stay cool... just doesn't work that way.)


When else do you get to see things like this:







Just make sure that you read the cache description and don't try to find that micro that is hidden on the ground in a crack! :-)

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I like your question in your sig :D. I in fact like the under the rocks hiding strategy. It's better than hiding the cache in a tree trunk covered with leaves and sticks.


But you should check out my Inco Superstack virtual TerraCache. It's not hidden under rocks, in fact it's not hidden anywhere for that matter, because it's a virtual :anibad:

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Hey Thrasher22. I just applies to TerraCache. It would appear I need 2 sponsors to get full access. Can you sponsor me? Thanks. Curious to see if there are other Sudbury caches.



Hey, I did see you sign up. I offered you sponsorship of course. The only TerraCaches around here are the ones I placed. There is one near Massey and one near Halfway Lake. I hope you get a chance to go and find some of them. :ph34r:

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hey chuckster26, went looking for your Sudbury & Area geocachers facebook group and didn't find it. Is it up yet?





ya it is.. hmmmm have you joined facebook?

if you did then search for it once you are on the site

i'll double check to see if i can search for it...

search for charles brisebois and you can probably find my group through my name

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