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Deceased Cacher's Coin Is Missing

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This coin was dropped over a year ago and subsequently disappeared from the cache in which it is reported to be. Unfortunately, the coin owner died approximately six months ago and no one has taken over his account (his caches have been adopted, though).


Is there any way to mark the coin's location as Unknown? Do the reviewers have that power or is that an admin issue?



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If you lost a geocoin and it is still showing up in your inventory how do you get rid of it? I have emailed the owner and he understands what happened, yet I am still showing the coin under my list.

The owner of the coin/TB, or the owner of the cache they are logged into, can mark a coin/TB missing.


So ask the owner to do it for you...or if that doesn't work, log it into one of YOUR caches and then mark it missing.

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