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NC Foothills Geocachers 2007 Coin

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We have our design and are taking Pre-Sales of our NC Foothills Geocoins to be manufactured in March 2007. We are a small Club that has been around for about 2 years, and in order to foot the bill for the coins we are selling them in advance from our Website we must sell 150 to place the order. They will be trackable on Geocaching.com


NC Foothills Geocoin


Here was the design chosen which is also on the Store site.




Particulars since so many asked.... 250 being Made, Coin is Silver, Enamel Paint, not 3-D, standard 1 1/2 inch. Paypal is going to be preference, I'm sure you can catch them on Ebay after we sell out. It looks like the time will be moved back. Order in March, Ship hopefully by mid-late April.


Postage is included in the price to the US, Canada and Mexico. All others may private message me to determine postage.


Any questions please Email me at NCParrotheads@yahoo.com





AKA Anne


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This is going to sound really lazy, but it would be helpful to list the details on this page versus making people click over to a storefront.


Just the basics:

Cost, size, type of paint (enamel, etc.), 3d, how many are being made, etc.


It will help people make a quick decision.


Good luck with the coin and your group.

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Well we are small enough that in order to place the order we have a certain amount we need to sell. 150 out of 250. As of today we are 1/3 of the way there.


You are right supplier has told me 4 weeks from the time we order until I have them in hand. So I imagine the time frame will move back some but then I will need to package and ship. So if we order in March it will be at least late April.


Paypal is going to be the preference this year sorry it was too hard last year to keep up with all the mess. I'm sure they will be on Ebay after we sell out so you might be able to buy them there.


1.5" Diameter

3.0 mm thickness

2D & Color both sides

Silver metal finish

Laser Engraving

250 Tracking Codes included

Custom Icon included

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These Have been ordered and are in Process now. I should have them by March 1st. I still have them for sale on our Website if anyone wants to order now that they are on the way.




How do I get on for international delivery? (cost, adding to cart, etc)





Private message me at NCParrotheads@yahoo.com, With where you want them shipped to and how many and I will figure the shipping. If you are still interested at that point I can send you a paypal bill instead of going through the store.




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