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Central Ontario Geocachers NEW 2007 GEOCOIN! NOW SHIPPING!


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The Central Ontario Geocachers are excited to announce the release of our first-ever geocoin! After many months of planning and designing, the coin is ready to roll!



The front of the coin features the quintessential image of Ontario: The wind-swept pine on the shore of a beautiful lake. The image is in the style of Group of Seven painter Tom Thompson and will be recognizable to Ontarians, Canadians, and nature and art lovers everywhere.


The back side of the coin features an image of a planetary gear system (see animation below). We like to think of the centre cog as representing the planet, and the outer cogs as the satellite system.


The coins will be trackable with their own unique icon.

Cost is $8US per coin, and shipping is below.




There are a total of 400 coins available to everyone, in two metals: Antique Silver and Antique Gold. The gold coins will only be available in sets (one silver + one gold)


300 Antique Silver

100 Antique Gold (available only with an antique silver).


These coins are IN HAND and ready to ship!



United States & Canada

1 coin = $2.00

2-3 coins = $3.00

4-6 coins = $4.00



Yes, we will be happy to ship to our brothers and sisters around the world, but we just haven't figured out the postage yet! I know there are some international coin buying clubs, so please contact us and we'll work it out.


Coins can also be personally delivered to the following Events:

GCZVWR - Breakfast Launchpad at Angel Rock

GCZVDD - COG Pub Night - Beat The January Blahs


To purchase your COG 2007 coins, please go HERE.

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Tried to purchase three coins. Your shopping cart wouldn't connect when I tried to check out.


You must have an attorney as an officer in your club with all that "further affirm" and "further declare" language on the order page.


Sorry! The store was done by our resident web designer, so I'm not sure what happened there. Stand by, and I'll get you a Paypal address that you can use to send payment to if you would still like to get some coins.

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People are receiving the coins in the mail -- thank you all for the compliments! I have been asked a few times where to activate. That means people do the same as me: rip your coins out of the outer wrapper, then throw it out along with the sticker that says where to activate! (Glad I'm not the only one who does that. :blink:)


These coins were created for us by Chris and Helen at Landsharkz. Their services helping develop the coin and getting it minted were top notch!


You can activate the coins on Landsharkz' web site HERE.

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