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GPS unit and Google Earth

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Hey all,


I am looking to buy a GPS unit and I was wondering if anyone knew of a few that would work with Google Earth? I have a bunch of items listed there and would like to import them easily to a GPS unit. I also want to be able to export waypoints I set with my GPS unit to google earth. It'd also be nice if the unit had street maps so that I could use it for directions to places if I get lost, and if it was waterproof so I could use it while kayaking. I'd like to spend no more than $130.


Can anyone give me some suggestions or point me in the right place?



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Pretty much anything can get waypoints and tracks from Google Earth. You save as a GPX file and then upload with one of many free programs.


For $130, a mapping unit is not even remotely posisble.... Maps cost about that themselves. Maybe if you went with a good deal used, but I doubt it.

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Google Earth Plus supports pretty much all Garmins and all the Magellan handhelds these days.


A $130 mapping unit squeaks you into an Explorist 210 with basemaps. You can upgrade to detailed maps to get turn-by-turn directions later. Honestly, you'll probably find the basemaps frustrating for navigation as they're imited to interstates and some major roads.

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You can get the Garmin "Blue" Legend for $127.73 today on Amazon.com.


You "can", but they really have useless map storage, reception is not great and there is no auto-routing.


The lowest end mapping Garmin I would suggest is the Venture Cx ~$200.


Personally, i think you would be unhappy with any mapping unit for that low of a price and you might as well just get a non mapping unit.

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