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Keeping track of my coins

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I suppose I should be waving a huge magnet over all my change from now on. lol


Although it doesn't say which coin was the problem I'm willing to bet it was a toonie. They have a center piece that is made of a different metal and pressure fit into the coin. It would be possible to remove it and replace it with a look alike that has a transmitter or rfid chip embedded in it.

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I, too, can just see some angry coin collector showing up at someone's home demanding that their stolen coins be returned...




In recent years us Canuks have been on the recieving end or if you may the butt end of jokes.

I felt it imparative to display to y'll that the story which started this tracking discussion which has now been laid to rest as a hoax perpitrated by some subversive American intending to get the distinct advantage in solving their losses of geocoins.

Winnipeg Sun


Canuks have earned the right to say eh!, as well as lived in fridgite weather and slogged through 3 feet of snow to cache and find caches.

We drink Canadian beer and after 4 or five we say eh! ya hosers! Then fall over and chip icicles off our noses.


Y'll have a great day and keep warm...right now it's, -30C and feels like -45C with the winchill thats in celcius.


(this is my sorted way of joking) But the news article is real)

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