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Geocaching Around the Planet

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Geocaching around the Planet :


Every month I issue a new personal geocoin for the country where I have found or hidden a geocache. I started in November 2006 and visited China and Spain. See all about this crazy project on my website.


The first country in the 2007 series is IRELAND


Ireland is a fabulous country : it offers an astonishing array of landscapes and leisure activities. Nature is probably its greatest appeal, although some would argue that Ireland has a lot more to offer, starting with their famous dark beer of course. But the first symbol that comes to mind when thinking about Ireland is the Shamrock. Another symbol of Ireland is the sheep : there are more sheep than Irish citizens (over 4 million) and you cannot visit the Irish countryside without seeing some. So we naturally put the Irish shamrock and the sheep on the geocoin. And the third symbol is, of course, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, celebrated on March 14. There are many stories about St Patrick and St Patrick's day, and a good introduction can be found on this interesting mini-historical site.


But where is the Saint ? Well, read the text on the coin. It is one of the popular Irish 'sayings' for St Patrick's day. Find out what it means here on this Irish sayings link and you'll probably smile when you look at the coin again....


This coin should be available mid-February ! It can be ordered from www.my-geocoin.com but it's a limited edition, so it will be sold out quickly ...


Enjoy !





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What an absolutely awsome idea. Talk about living the geocaching dream.

You're right Goudacat, that is exactly what this project is all about... There are 192 countries officially recognized by the UN, and my intention is to geocache in them all...


I have some challenging countries like Nauru (hardly any transportation to that island in the Pacific) or some countries at war (unfortunately, there's quite a few) but I intend to complete this project in ten to fifteen years, so hopefully those countries will no longer be at war...


And the coin series is nice for the collectors...





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