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New here, need help picking a GPS

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Hi all, I'm new to GPS's and geocaching.

I started looking for a gps to document my geneology finds, ie. family cemeterys, old foundation, etc. Then I found this site, and thought it would be a cool thing for me and my son to do.


I have found two units in my price range, they are:


Garmin etrex Legend and Megellan explorist 200


My question is, which one would you choose. To a newbie like me, both seem pretty much the same.


Thanks foa any and all input...Jeff

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I was in the same situation a month ago. New to geocaching and no experience with GPS. I had a low budget of around $100 to get started. I went with the Magellan Explorist 300 because it has an electronic compass, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I use the compass screen 100% of the time when I am within 200 feet of a cache.


The 300 is the same price as the 200. In fact I think Tigerdirect.com has them for $99 right now.

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I have a Magellan. We still use it, good unit. When it came time to upgrade I went with the Garmin 60csx.

Why...number 2 on my list was customer service. If you read around on this forum we will discover Garmin's customer service is excellent while Magellan's is almost non existent.

Not that I expect any problems from the Garmin, but it's nice to know it's there.


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If those are your choices, go with the Legend. The Magellan 200 and 300 don't have PC transfer capablity I believe. Something you will want if you don't want to have to manually enter all your coordinates.


The 210 is usually about the same price as the 200, and it does add a PC cable.


I have to agree with Pirate. I only use my 300 every other weekend for geocaching. If I did more, I'd want a unit with a cable.

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Thanks for the input, I checked my paypal account and saw I had a little more money than I thought I had, so I went with the etrex venture cx. Cant wait till it gets here :D


Yes, great choice. Make sure you get a data card for it (they're cheap on ebay) and you probably have a digital camera with a cable that will fit the venture cx. It's the exact same gps as my Legend CX except for the housing color. You won't be disappointed.

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