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April Fool's day is not so far away


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For those of you who are wondering about what has started to become a regular Geofellas activity - yes we ARE planning April Fools fun this year.


With April Fools day being a Sunday this year we are going to change the format a bit. We are still working on the details but so you can put it in your calendar here are some basics.


The Event will be a Sunday lunch/afternoon "pub" gathering. The location is still to be decided as the pub from the last two years has now closed and we are working to locate a suitable alternative in the Stouffville area.


We plan to have a real cache as well that will kick off early on the Sunday morning - but we won't be doing the midnight thing this year - we want to make it more family friendly so the "kick-off" for that will be at a "reasonable" hour.

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After being FTF on last years' excellent series, Adventure Rat and I were fortunate enough to assist York Regional Police in aprehending an impaired driver that had driven his van 100 meters up a railroad track and then got the van stuck on the rails.


Now, almost a year later, I have been supoenaed to appear in court on March 14th to testify against the guy.


So I am looking forward to this year's event with trepidation.


I am considering making the court case an event cache, complete with some local caching in Newmarket and lunch at a local restaraunt. Does anyone think cache-tech will approve it???




p.s. April 1 will also be bittersweet as it was the last time I cached with our teammate Tony (1701eh).

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I'm looking forward to this year's event, in whatever form it may take. Flash Finder may even join me this time, and he brings his own flavour of enthusiasm.


No subpoena for me yet :blink: , but I'm up for the courthouse event cache.


Gee, I wonder what I can get Tequila involved in this year.


Remind me not to ride with you... :)

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