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Contact to UK-geocacher nivekpenrith needed

Team Pitkis
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<_< Contact needed to UK-geocacher nivekpenrith :laughing:


One of my wandering TBs has gone stray for rather long time ago now and according to my inquiries upon

this subject it looks like UK-geocacher nivekpenrith may be the last person who may have taken it.


I've tried to contact nivekpenrith via geocaching.com e-mail service, but this cacher seems to failed noticing

my messages.


So. I need some help from the community. If you happen to meet nivekpenrith during your cache hunts,

please, remind him that his response is gravely needed to locate "TB Red Mercedes".


According to geocaching.com profile this handle is a premium member since Sept-2005 and he has found

410 caches found, 24 hidden and he's been accessing the net Jan-09, 2007. He's a health worker and he lives in Telford.


Any assistance in finding my TB is very much appreciated. This TB is sent to its way by my son who has observed it's

passage throughout its journey. He would be delighted if this TB can be found yet again.


Member Aki from Team Pitkis, Finland

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I've always found Kevin (nivek) to be very responsive to emails. Have you checked his replies are not going into your Spam folder?


I'll email him a link to this thread so he can get in contact with you.


I agreewith John...


Kevin has always replied to my emails, although he does work shifts - which include nights, and sometimes it can be a few days between opening his mail.

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