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Geo Caching Vehicles

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Do you have a vehicle that you use specifically for GeoCaching? I'm guessing that this will be more for the GeoCachers that like to head out into the wilds, but I'm sure there are some serious Urban Cachers as well. This came to mind because one of my friends and I where discussing getting a couple of old Baja Bugs to use. They get better gas mileage than my truck.


Anyway, what is everybody else driving? Are you using a vehicle mount antenna? What would you change about your vehicle set-up?


Here is mine... The EcoCrusher 8 ("8" because that what it gets for mileage.)



Lets see yours.

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I love my caching vehichle. It's currently covered with mud from head to toe from caching in the back woods of Maine. I love Mud. The thicker and deeper the better :laughing: It gets about 30 miles per gallon and has even driven down into rivers and back up the other side...my 4 x 4 amazes me. 4 wheel drive is all I will drive while caching.


I dont have a good picture of my car but here is a similar one I found on the net. 2371748_1.jpg

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Used to own this Peugeot 406 but found it was too low for many of my Geocaching trips and I kept catching the underneath and damaging the exhaust pipe B)



Decided to get a new vehicle and although it's not used just for caching, my main priority was suitability for caching (that and fuel economy :laughing:).


I had looked into getting a van that I could use as a camper but decided it would be too big for some of the roads/tracks I go down. In the end I chose a Toyota Rav 4 LWB. It should be reliable, economical(ish) and certainly more practical due to the higher ground clearance. <_< It's not going to be as good off-road as a pickup or Range Rover, but it's gonna be a lot cheaper to run! :unsure::D


(not my actual car but it's the same model and colour. Mine's just not got any alloys....yet B))

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Here it is and it's been everywhere. May not be four wheel drive but it will sure go places that had me puckered at times. It sure is a bit more scratched up now but is still taking us places. My wife traded it to me for our Mercury Grand Marquis after I ripped some hoses off of it in the Sandhills and I have put 90,000 miles on it in 2 1/2 years.....mostly geocaching.



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This year gas prices finally forced me to downsize from this monster, my custom 454 1-ton Dualie Suburban




and my Cherokee 4x4




to this Tahoe 4x4




and finally to this Kia Sportage




I really thought I would hate the Kia, actually bought it to re-sell, but it gets great mileage, carries my camping gear, is comfortable to sleep in on road trips and drives like a car instead of an SUV on the highway. It has great clearance for off-road use... I had it on trails goats fear to tread in a national forest while deer hunting last week and it performed as well as my Cherokee.


Guess I will keep it!

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I use either our Toyota Tacoma or 4 Runner, both 4 wheel drive, which is essential for some of the forest roads we like to cache on. Sadly, our Jeep Wrangler was totalled... it was the perfect cache vehicle.


I also have an 8.1 GMC 2500 HD that I never take caching since it only gets about 10 mpg :laughing: . I've used my '68 MG a few times, but it's really only good on paved roads and has a bit of an overheating problem when the temps get over 80 degrees.

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