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2007 Compass Rose photo contest


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There was lots of cutting and pasting and glueing and propping and taping and balancing and trial and error. Actually it took over 7 hours of work before actually taking this picture.


Wow, you really want that XXLE coin!


Yes. Yes, we do. :P

Funny thing is I got up at about 6:30am on Sunday with this idea in my head, and had some proof of concept work done before Chantal (PengoMommy) got up. By the time she was up I thought that I'd be done in an hour or so.

It was actually almost supper time before I was finally happy with the results I has getting. I kept being distracted by trying to watch the NASCAR race. But as soon as another set of commercials would come on I'd be back at the art project. About 350 miles of missed racing, 2 beers and countless repositioning of props later, I was happy with the art, which resulted in this picture. :P

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How'd the wife feel about you shredding her roses?! Gorgeous picture btw.


Fortunately, they were on their last legs (or should I say petals) and only about three of the roses had any usable petals. But they were nice while they lasted. :P


It doesn't end there. I've heard that Maui squeezes the most out of ALL the items left over from Valentine's Day. Rumor has it that after he finishes off a box of chocolates, he saves the little chocolate wrappers, irons them out flat and tapes them together, forming the shape of a U. He then conveniently carries these around (folded up) for use with toilet seats in public restrooms.


Not only is he a romantic devil, he's practical and sanitary too! kloguck.gif

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Into the Mystic


Hark, now hear the sailors cry

Smell the sea and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic


- Van Morrison




Please note that although it may look like it, there was no digital manipulation or post processing done to this image with the exception of cropping, sharpening, and resizing. All permitted and/or required for this contest.

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I've taken bunches of pictures and well I finally decided this one was the one I liked best. I’ve learned in the past few days I am NOT a photographer nor do I know how to use my Sony cyber-shot DCS-P200. I was cursing my camera now I know I should curse myself OR read the manual. Anyway here goes....





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Thanks to everyone who has submitted photos. They look great.


Due to the residual coins being sold now instead of earlier, we are extending the deadline to 30 Apr for the new recipients (and the previous recipients too) to have a chance at submitting photos.


Thank you.

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I have a cool idea but don't have the coins.... :lol: but all the pics look wonderful so far!




We can loan you coins for the pictures you want to take. You know where we live! :P


But if you win it, can we be the first to 'Discover' it?? :P



Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok now to set up my idea... I'll contact ya!!! thanks! oh.... just read the rules, going back to re-read em...





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Got my coin today, and snapped off several pictures. Here is my favourite one:


Loses some detail. Thanks for the contest.

Personally, I think this one would look better if the coin were in focus, and the map faded out of focus. Just my 2 cents!

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Got my coin today, and snapped off several pictures. Here is my favourite one:


Loses some detail. Thanks for the contest.

Personally, I think this one would look better if the coin were in focus, and the map faded out of focus. Just my 2 cents!


Thanks for the input. Using a cruddy digital camera, so hard to choose what I focus on, but I'll try to do that.


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A new week and a new entry - much earlier this time :)


Roses on a Chart

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

-- Jawaharal Nehru



They say all good navigational charts have a Compass Rose ...

... some have more.

-- PengoDaddy

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Our last minute entry for this week:


The Lineage

The navigator knows the geography,

he watches the stars at night, watches the sun at day;

when it is dark and cloudy, he watches the compass.

-- Zhu Yu 'Pingzhou Table Talks (Pingzhou Ke Tan)' 1117AD



A scene that pays homage to the roots of technology and navigation in chinese culture.

The magnetized needle was one of the first chinese magnetic navigational tools.

These devices were generally 'calibrated' to point south.

-- PengoBuddy (Aaron Doucette)

The 'blood' symbolizes a parallel of genetic lineage to technological lineage and the line of history through navigational aides.

There is also the dichotomy of the standard 'North' pointing compass to the older traditional 'South' pointing compass;

old 'looking' down and new 'looking' up - they point to each other.

-- PengoDaddy


This photo was taken by PengoBuddy for PengoDaddy. Thank you Aaron!

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I went to take a photo of my coin then relized that it is missing 40* on the coin and stopped. I (and everyone I showed it to) was wondering why it is missing the 40* it only goes to 32 instead of 36????


Each number on the coin does not represnent 10 degrees. It represents a compass point - N, N by NNE, NNE, E by NNE, NE, etc. - hence 32 points.

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This compass was used on my Grandfather's commercial fishing boat the "Venden" in 1930-31. It was based in San Pedro (port of Los Angeles) and fished in the eastern Pacific. It is sitting on the chart showing the Harbor and where it was berthed in the upper left corner.

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