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Sleeping Dragon Geocoin

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Yes and No; I just spent 15min and 45 pictures and nothing turns out well. The camra photos turn out like a mini sun burst, and the scanner makes the shiny look like a dull.


I will say take the picture posted, and make it mirrored surface and thats the coin to a T.


As far as a good quality image if you know how to make it stand up to one im listening. So i'll have to say no picture at the moment untill i can figure out how to make them come out.



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Hey lost puppies, pm me your address you were the winner of that thnaks for the reminder.


The pics are of "Gold front, silver back" the images dont show the true colors to well. The antique gold is not shiney and is a dull look which is trade only.


RES- pm me me when you get your coins


I have 4 packages i'll need to get out (includeing lost pup's ) which i plan to send out on the 17th on payday.


Thanks all



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