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Friends of Caching #1 - Portneuf Greenway Foundation

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Perusing the forums and read the post. It looks like this is for a good cause. Would like to see the coin but the link up at the top appears blocked/broken.





True, I have to move the art to another location and re-post it. I'll do that when I get my postage adjusted for the increase and the Sample Coin is approved. For the ongoing sales.

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Short Version:

Friends of Caching #1 has been completed and is for sale now here:



Long Version: (Skip to the last paragraph for the punchline)

What a journey. From the very start, one roadblock after another slowed down this coin. When this coin was conceived I contacted 3 companies that I felt had merit to accept their bid. I knew what I wanted and gave the details. The Caching Place said as they had before “we can’t do edge tracking”. One who’s name I have forgotten and who doesn’t get much play in the caching world now, answered most of my questions about getting the job done, but not all so I dropped them and contacted The Caching Place in their place. Coins and Pin’s questioned my integrity in the bid process and declined to participate. Since I had pattered the process after how the State does Bids I didn’t see too much of an integrity issue and dropped them from the RK1K coin project that we had been working. Coins and Pins had been great right up until that point. The email lecture I received at the time though was the last nail in their coffin. Coinable.com came through and answered all the questions and gave me the only bid.


I gave them art from the Greenway but for some reason the factory took several iterations to duplicate art they were given. Groundspeak came through on tracking codes and will donate an Icon for the series as a whole plus an Icon for any one coin that meet the threshold for trackable coins. I’ll run a separate thread for that Icon. Groundspeak has it’s own rules on coins and tracking that created a couple of wrinkles that were solved. Coinable kept up through many iterations on the art and sent me two coins as samples when the art was finally right. About then the plan for using The Go To Girls for distribution fell apart. I flat out could not get in touch with them to make sure our S&H would do the job with the real samples and an increase in postal rates. I had no means of distribution and told Coinable that they needed to wait (it had already been a heck of a long time to get to this point). The greenway saw the coins and approved them as I thought they would. I had some issues with the edge printing being readable and some knits with the art not quite matching, but had said I’d live with the coins if the greenway was happy. Coinable reached their limit about then and billed my credit card for an order that had not yet been set. I said they needed to withdraw that charge and wait for my actual order. They finally pulled the charge off my credit card but then dropped the coin as something they wanted to do. They made it to the 11th hour and quit. Yes I am very much a PITA to work with, especially when my money is on the line, but I recognize this and tend to give some leeway to people and companies who can smile through it all. If they survive working with me I can seldom give a higher recommendation than to say “they put up with my crap”. Coinable was professional right up until they quit. I asked them to reconsider. They chose not to respond. I would use them again if they ever apologized for quitting at the 11th hour. Unless they did though, it would be too awkward to ask them to work on another coin project.


Now I have two sample coins, a bunch of tracking numbers, no distribution, no coin maker and I’m back to just an idea. I call the Greenway and what can I say, Their Executive Director knows how hard it can be to get things done, so they just roll their eyes at yet another delay but don’t give me too much grief over it.


Since I’m at a loss I consult the ICE Executive Management Team (they would laugh to hear me call them that but what the heck) since they have made coins. They give me a couple ideas and I get a hold of two geocacher created coin companies. Both answered all my questions but Coinswag did it in a way that made more sense to me. Same deal as before but now they have to handle distribution. Coinswag gets going on the art. Our goal is a coin before a Summer Newsletter the Greenway is putting out and hopefully in time for an event they were having so they sell pre-orders at the event. Nope. Didn’t happen. We didn’t make the winter newsletter either. The thing that seems to kill the mints coin artist is matching the reeds in the foreground of the coin. It gave coinable trouble it gave Coinswag even more trouble. Our conversation starts like this. “How do the reeds look?” “Bad, they don’t match the art you were given, just copy the art, I know it can be done since I have a sample coin that shows them right”. “How’s this revision?” “Bad!” How about now?” “Still bad!” “now? “No…” Repeat for months. While that was going on he made the Idaho coin and got raked through the coals for his efforts. One day though he says “I think we got it” I look at the art and say “Yes you do, lets mint this sucker”. Then I proceed to screw up my numbers and have to pay for extra coins to balance things out. Annoying but at least the coins are about done. Wrong. They tell me “the factory completely screwed up the coins and I have to re-do all of them, but at least we can fix the coin order to what you wanted”. Somewhere in there Jake at Coinswag also replace the factory agent he was working with. He gives me a refund from my own screw up and then I wait.


Next time I hear from Coinswag they are telling me the coins are in and look good and they are ready to sell. I give him a write up, email the people who pre-ordered to give them a head start (I pre sold 159 coins and minted 300) and now this sale is open for all. The goal remains the same. To benefit the Greenway for being open to caching. They allow caching and have no special rules, regulations or permits. 2.00 from each of the coins will go to the greenway. 25 cents goes to create a fund for Terracachers.org to sponsor these coins without pre-sales. (1300 or so was advanced out of my pocket). 1000 total coins are authorized. For the numbers trackers there are 302 coins at this time. The 2 Samples from Coinable and the 300 From Coinswag. I have one sample and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Maybe frame it to remind me about the whole experience of creating a coin and what all can go wrong. The Executive Director of the Portneuf Greenway Foundation has the other sample. It was given to them for their use in a promotion to help pre-sell coins. If any error coins crop up, I will request that they be destroyed.


For those of you who hoped this project would make it. I’ll drink you a toast. “Here’s to Friends of Caching #2”. Don’t hold your breath, but…I’ll get er done. It will be done faster if I can get a working committee going. This project has outlasted a few potential committee members.


I’m glad this coin is complete and I truly look forward to taking the director out to lunch and giving them the first check. The smile on their face when I first talked to them about caching and the smile they are going to have when I can give them a little something from the geocaching community, that’s why I’m doing this.

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Just got ours over the weekend and they really did come out nicely! A simple design with a straightforward message that supports a great cause. Heavy antiquing and brush texture did wonders for this and we're looking forward to showing it to our geo-friends. It's a small run of coins so seriously consider it a good collector piece. These are the ones everyone is scrambling for after they're gone and wondering why there weren't more made. :unsure:

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Now that I have your attention, B) . At last count only 80 or so of these coins have sold, so to help get some more off the self and more money headed towards the Portneuf Greenway Foundation, I have lowered the price of each coin $1.00. This price reduction will not affect the $2.00 per coin that is being donated to PGF. Sale ends 01/25/2008.







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I recieved the first check from Coinswag and when I get the corresponding sales numbers from them, The greenway will get their first check.


Thanks to those who have purchaced so far. There are still more to sell.


That's great news! Please keep us updated. By the way, how many are left now? I understand it was a limited run of coins so these become pretty hard to find pretty fast.

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In light of recent discussions about caching related coins, I thought I would resurrect this thread and very caching related coin. It is still for sale here




a very classy coin

I went back and read some of the history of this coin. I really like it's original intention; a bond between the land and cacher. Like many others, I have a few ideas for a personal coin, and mine relates to saving open spaces. Thanks Toojin for posting this.

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