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Tungsten E2 vs Palm Z22

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My venerable Palm III died a while ago, and now I can afford to replace it. I'm trying to decide between buying a Tungsten E2 or a Palm Z22.


One is $200, the other $100... Ultimately what I want to do is to connect the PDA to a GPS (soon to be upgraded as well) so I can have Cachemate pull up the closest caches - this is not REALLY necessary, but I'd like to be able to do it sometime in the future.


I'm not sure which of the two would serve better. Any advice between the two would be appreciated.

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You won't be able to connect a GPSr to the Z22. It is USB only, and is a USB "client". Since the GPSr would be a client as well, the two won't talk.


I don't know what kind of interface hte Tungsten has so I can't help you there.

The E2 I saw seemed to be USB only. I've read of people using bluetooth to connect, but I don't want to carry another contraption (BT plug in device).


The E2 allows for an SD card, both units are 200 Mhz... I guess it is probably better to get the better one and have expansion room in the future.

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The Z22 is the rock bottom model, and I think you would outgrow it very quickly. The E2 is a far more capable device. It has a better screen resolution, more memory, an SD slot, much faster processor, and more. If you don't want to use bluetooth, you can get a cable to connect your GPS to the E2 from PC-Mobile or from PNTech. A bluetooth adapter from PC-Mobile is nice, though. You can use a very short cable to the GPS, and carry the GPS on your shoulder or anywhere, with the adapter in a pocket or pack, and not have cables dangling. Or just connect the adapter now and then, without having a connection all the time. You'll come to love it. But if all you want is a cable connection, you can get that. It's not possible with the Z22, though.

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Of course, if you smash your Z22 on the rocks, or drop it in the river... meh


I would have a little more angst dropping an E2.


I think the Z22 is a perfect match for cachemate etc... Small, light, usb, relatively cheap, and you can stuff it in a ziploc snack bag for water protection.

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My venerable Palm III died a while ago, and now I can afford to replace it.


. . . .


I'm not sure which of the two would serve better. Any advice between the two would be appreciated.


Hi NEn,


I have a TE2 and also considered this and there are several ways - both through cables and USB interface with a GPSr. Then I thought about it again. My TE2 fairly chomps through the battery life with the screen lit (as opposed to something like four hours of use with RealPlayer, which will blank the screen) and you would probably do good to get a full hour of 'On' time. That dissuaded me from thinking about linking a GPSr to mine. I'll limp along with my eTrex Legend and use my TE2 for Cachemate and Cache Log.



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You don't have to keep it connected to the GPS all the time. You can go along with them separate, and only connect when you want to give Cachemate a position, such as when you want to search for nearest caches from your present location. Connect, get the search done, and disconnect. I do this sometimes with my T3 and Legend; I don't need them connected for finding the cache, only now and then for a search or the like. When I do, I generally use bluetooth to connect, and that runs the battery even faster. But for a minute or two, it's not a problem.

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