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Unite for Diabetes Geocaching Challenge not open for other countries


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By filling out the Unite for Diabetes Geocaching Challenge contest photo entry you have to enter a state you live in. But there's no possibility for another country outside the USA. This disqualifies a whole lot of people. And the rules state that anyone can enter.

I hope this is read soon and action is taken quickly.


Greetings, Ruud4d

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I tried to find the posting from Jeremy concerning why other countries couldn't participate in the green jeep contest, but haven't found it yet.


The issue boiled down to having to meet every special requirement and law set down down every single country some of which require payment. Not a realistic undertaking at this point.


of course you should hear this from gc.com instead of taking my word for it.

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I can understand this but then the rules should be clear about who can take part in the contest.

Now it just says everybody can take part over 18 not working for Merck etc... So you want to send a photo and can't find your country in the list. Only some "states" that nobody heard of.

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Only some "states" that nobody heard of.


Amen to that.


But like I said, you'll might want to check with gc.com, this tb forum ain't the place to do it.


and after reading the rules I don't see where it says it's USA only, so check with gc.com directly for the facts.

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Well, it looks like you simply need to post the photo to the bug itself, but as usual I'd like to see clarification from gc.com.


1. Check back here every three months to find out what goal has been set for the Unite for Diabetes Challenge!

2. Once you find a participating Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug, write down the tracking number that is on the metal tag

3. Take a photo of your Travel Bug with the goal (capturing the chosen theme) for the quarterly contest in the photo

4. Visit http://unite.Geocaching.com to create a user account and enter the tracking number to visit the web page for the Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug you found

5. Upload the photo to the Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug’s page to submit your entry

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When I went back to the bug page there was a new button on the right to upload contest photos. It was not there when I first uploaded my photo to the TB page. Now I have been successful. Thanks I also sent off a nice email to the other person who uploaded a photo to the TB page but did not submitted a goal.

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