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I already have the MapSource City Navigator NT North America. I would like to know if I can load the Topo?

It would be nice to have both loaded.


How would I do that?


Does it pay then??


It sure does. I have both on my 60CS and switch between the two depending on whether I'm hiking or driving. It only involves a couple pushes of the button.

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To load both maps sets at once, select the City Nav maps you want in Mapsource, and then from the drop-down menu of maps in the upper left, change to the Topo map set you need and select those maps. All of the City Nav and Topo maps you selected should listed on the Maps tab. Check to make sure that the total size of the maps show at the bottom of the list is less than the size of your memory card, and that you haven't selected more that 2025 total map tiles.


Once the maps are loaded onto your Vista Cx, you'll only see the City Nav maps for any area they are loaded. To see the Topo maps for that area:

From the Map page, press MENU » 'Setup Map' » ENTR. One of maps you've loaded will be listed. Press MENU again, then » 'Hide City Navigator'» ENTR. You can use this procedure to hide or show any map (including the base map) that is loaded. This topic is discussed in the forums here and in the few following posts.
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