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I'm sure that I am not the first to see this but always willing to pass on something that worked for me.


I was introduced to this Penn State website and found it helpful in a historical project I am working on. I was searching for some structures that have long been gone and this confirmed their locations even better than the topo's and other resources I had been using.




Aerial photos for all of PA quick and neat. As well as mid- / late century photos there are early vintage photos available too.


The 1938-1939 aerial photos can be accessed by clicking on "Display Historical Photo", the yellow dot where the old photo is centered and Image Quality High.


Have fun



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Thanks for the great link.I have not had as much fun since Google Earth came out.

What have you found of intrest so far?I have just started,and found Mtn.Springs photo from the thirtys,and the old artillery park Baseball field and kirby park from the 30's.

Pre levy system in Wyoming Valley is great to see.

I'll be spending some time on this site You betcha!


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Howdy OBG,


Glad it worked for you. I had fun too and I only hit Rice and Wright Twps. so far.


I'm tracing the long defunct WB&H electric inter-urban railway from Wilkes Barre to Hazelton. So far have located remains of 5 station platforms, 12 of the 33 over/under passes, the tunnel of course, 2 powerhouses, 2 accident sites, the siding at the ice ponds, 2 of numerous bridges, walked lots of RoW (right of way) and found some other interesting finds. The old aerial photos have helped confirm some of the structure locations as well as filling in now vanished sections and structures. I have reconstructed all the RoW and structures from the Tunnel to Nescopeck Pass. Now to work on the remainder.


I also have discovered some very interesting new points of interest for future excursions after this project is completed.


.....and YES, I have stored coordinates for EVERYTHING I have found. Stay tuned.

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If you ever need some company on one of your excursions , let me know. It would be great fun re-discovering the history of our area.

Bieng the son of a coal minerI have a keen interest in the old coal breakers that dotted the landscape all over NEPa.

I thought there were a lot of culm banks when I was a kid, but what i see in those old photos blows my mind.

Thanks again.


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