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What else did you find?

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Critter: pigs, gopher tortoises, several varieties of threatened birds (wood stork, etc), deer, black snakes, spiders, ants (one cache, a camo pill bottle hanging in a bush, exploded with ants when I opened it), possums, armadillos, racoons, rabbits, gators, cockroaches...


Ugh: dead pig covered by a couple dozen turkey vultures, bones (several occasions), turtle shells/bones, broken glass, used condoms, used syringes, stepped in critter poo...


Good stuff: besides TBs and geocoins, nothing that great, just a lot of FUN. Oh, I did find a sunglasses clip in a cache not long after the one I had in my car broke, and I couldn't find them in stores anywhere. That was handy.

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