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What else did you find?

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Last Thursday morning we found a cache near the Iowa/Minnesota border at about 0030 hrs. 2 hours later and a hundred miles down the road one team member noticed her digital camera was not in its pouch. We retraced our steps just after daybreak, but no the camera was not in or by the cache. A quick search (sans GPS coordinates) found the missing equipment hanging from a nearby sapling (possibly named Artful Dodger?).

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I once found a dead German Shepard stuffed in a large garbage bag, dumped along a trail in a county park, its grisly teeth glaring through a rip in the bag. Subsequent cachers logged about the dog's state of decomposition. The cache hiders were upset about this and eventually pulled their cache. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say the dog was dispatched by a neighbor and unceremoniously dropped in a convenient spot.

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Well the best thing I have ever found was an old 1920's cast iron kitchen sink in the ruins of an old burned down farm house. Needless to say it was about 1/4 mile from the road and weighed about a good 100 pounds.


I carried the SOB through the woods and tossed it over the edge, walked 2 miles back to the car then drove around and threw it into the back of the car.


Managed to get it back home and all plumbed up in the garden with a bucket of water in the ground with a small pump - removed the guts from the spiggot and plugged it in. Looks like water is constantly flowing and it came out pretty cool.


And the wife said I never find anything neat out caching.

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Recently while looking for a cache (turns out that it was missing and disabled) I found a magnetic key box holding the spare key to a local business establishment. Oops, wrong container!

Have you ever found something extra like this while looking for a cache?



I had this exact same experience. There was a micro placed at an herb store. While searching through various knick-knacks out front of the store, I came across the spare store key. The store owner came out and talked to me while I was searching and I informed her that I had found her spare key. She seemed unhappy...but what do you expect when you invite a geocacher to search an area and put a key there

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I once found a dead German Shepard stuffed in a large garbage bag, dumped along a trail in a county park, its grisly teeth glaring through a rip in the bag. Subsequent cachers logged about the dog's state of decomposition. The cache hiders were upset about this and eventually pulled their cache. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say the dog was dispatched by a neighbor and unceremoniously dropped in a convenient spot.


it did not occur to anyone to report it to some park authority who might have been interested in removing it?

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Twice now have found a trinket box apparently left by a local youth full of "treasures" a younf man might collect. One within 30 feet of the cache and another about 75 feet away. Very similar to many caches. - The one had a hand written note from a cacher complaining about the lack of a logbook. Just wasn't the cache though.


One of mine ended up with a bunch of little plastic soldiers posed in a battle scene about 20 foot from the cache. Threw a lot of visitors for a loop. I never knew where that came from.

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Drug Paraphernalia.


I was looking for a micro, and searched all over this pine tree. I looked through a pile of pine needles under the tree and discovered a metal cylinder, about 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.


It unscrewed into 4 sections. Two sections had metal teeth and one had a fine mesh screen. I thought it was the cache, but there was nothing in it. It appeared new. I took it home.


Thought it looked like some kind of grinder. Did some Google searches and, yup, its some kind of grinder. Most of the lids had pictures of MJ on them. The fine mesh screen was to filter "pollen".


That was enough for me. I tossed it.


Never did find the micro, although others after me did.

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Once at the end of a relatively long multi (five waypoints and then the final) my friends and I found a large bag of adult magazines from the 70's. We were pretty amused and thought someone had taken the cache and left the bag, which we took with us and then contacted the cache owner. The cache owner checked on the cache and replied that it was still there. Guess it wasn't a cacher who had left the bad... Have no idea who did though.


I've also found pot and a pipe while out looking for a cache. It was just sitting there in the middle of a park on a tree limb. My friend and I decided it would be best not to tocuh it, and that as soon as we left whoever we had scared away would probably be back to claim it.

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Found the bottom of creek in January when I lost my handhold! :laughing: Found a rattlesnake (actually it found Fox and almost found his leg!!! B) ) while walking a powerline to a cache. Found a big box turtle, some snails and a cool blue heron feather at a PA fish commission area while placing our cache. :unsure: Found a few new friends at a few new caches :laughing: . Unfortunately found some drug paraphenalia stuffed into a cache once which we immediately cleaned out. :laughing: More good than bad and a lot of great views along the way. (Also found myself about 40lbs lighter after just a year) :laughing:

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Found the remains of a deer, looks like a hunter took the parts he wanted and left the rest for the coyotees. Was right next to the dirt access road, so he could have hauled the whole thing out, but didn't. Possibly an illegal kill.


Found beaver activity on the same cache, freshed gnawed tree that was close to coming down. And on top of the cache container, deer droppings, luckly, it hadn't been found in a while, so there were leaves on top of the container between the container and the droppings. Still glad I had gloves though.


This was all on the same multi.

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walking on the trail headed to the cache site we came across a toothbrush in a travel case. Taped around the handle with words do not remove. Then some spanish writing. Well I would have left the thing there had it not had pins sticking out of the thing. Come to find out after giving it to the park ranger, this was a scent stick. The pins were nite reflectors. Now he had to trek 2 miles to put it back out.

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I found that I was found by a small herd of deer in the Chapel Hill NC area, while caching.


I guess these deer are not molested by hunters so near a college town so they had little fear and followed me through the woods, as I was caching. They seemed curious and to be amused enough to stick with me for quite a while. Was kinda neat . . . a couple of does with fawns.

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I found a beautiful ringneck snake on the trail near a cache not too long ago. Suited me fine because I actually like snakes. You can have the spiders though...



Yes, much the same here: I have encountered several box turtles while hunting caches, and I met a humongous female timber rattlesnake while hunting a very old legacy cache (placed back in 2001) hidden in the mountains near our home. We have a lot of ringneck snakes arounn here, and I love them! And, we have a very shy and very private female copperhead who lives under some stone steps leading from the house down to the mailbox!


I actually like spiders as well, particularly really big spiders, such as fishing spiders. And, on a related topic, a few stages of two of our extreme Psycho Urban caches are guarded 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year by thousands of cave crickets which line the walls and ceilings of the dank dark underground dungeons where the cache stages are located!


BTW, Pnerissa, I loved your profile! You go, woman! :unsure::( If you ever get up this way, do please come by to visit us and you are also invited to check out some of our Psycho Urban caches! :(

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I found an e-trex gps at a cache one time. Checked who had been there before me and contated them and asked if they lost anything at the cache site. They didn't know it had been lost and now we cache together from time to time.

I found the poster of the above message :unsure: And her sister. And her daughter. Today.

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I found a very expensive two way radio with a microphone, the kind police wear, near a high fence with a 'No Trespassing' sign posted on it. Apparently someone jumped the fence to find the cache that was actually part of the fence itself and lost their radio. I advertised it for 30 days but no one claimed it so I sold it on eBay and made $300. Not a bad caching day. -BK :)

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Let's see:


I've come across summit registers, bongs, someone's spare key in a fake rock, several letterboxes, a rotting pig corpse, a stolen laptop, a baggie full of poop, and a couple getting busy. Good times.


As for my favorite surprise find...While looking for an ammo can hide at the ruins of a dam that collapsed in the 1920s, I came across a different ammo can that was hidden as part of a high school history project; inside it was a whole bunch of papers documenting the history of the dam. It was pretty neat.

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Wow - an ecclectic mix of surprises!!


I found a letterbox while looking for a cache, but I knew from the cache page that there was a letter box nearby.


Other than some trash, we haven't found anything interesting yet.


I did "find" another cacher one day, we were both trying to be FTF - I'd looked unsuccessfully, then he came along and beat me to it :D He didn't know there was another cache in the same park, so when I told him about it we found it together. I guess I "found" a new friend!


Curious to see what else I 'find' in my travels as I seek more caches!



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Toronto 2005:


I was about 50 feet away from Ground Zero when I spotted a bit of green under a large and unnatural pile of sticks. When I got there, I opened up the large green trash bag and glanced back at the cache page. Funny: it says "regular size" rather than "large." This trash bag was large AND contained a duffel bug in it! Odd! So, I unzipped the bag and saw clothes and books and other things. Odder still, eh?


At this point, I was feeling a tad nervous. This didn't look like any geocache I'd ever seen before. I looked around me, in my heightened state of uncertainty, expecting to see the owner of the stuff.


That's when I found the ammo can, 3 feet away. Holy moly! What had I done?? Whose stuff was I rooting through?? I was really feeling nervous about the whole business. I jumped THIS HIGH when a squirrel startled me by scampering up the tree!




I signed the logbook, though.

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Found the Concrete River Overlook cache in Atlanta over Thanksgiving, and before we found the cache, we checked the end of the guardrail, and found a magnetic key box which actually contained someone's keys. Not sure that I've ever seen one used for that purpose, just micro's mostly. :ph34r: The cache was actually much more clever, and closer to the coords that finally zeroed out on the GPSr.


Apart from that, we've found the usual crack pipes, dead and/or living animals, and a $20 at a CITO highway pickup.

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Have you ever found something extra like this while looking for a cache?

Yes, I have. One time I was out geocaching in some woods at a local park and as I was walking along the trail, I found some beer. So I think about CITOing it out, but the park as a no alcoholic rule. So I just left it and go on my way. :ph34r:


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Same as the above post. I went out to find a cahce without realizing the owner had replaced it and entered new coordinates, I found the remanents of the old cache. Contacted the owner and went back out and found the new one.


I have found about $50.00 in cash at various sites, once found $30. in a dry riverbed, looked like it had been there for years but still worked to buy lunch.


Lots of drug stuff, pipes, needles, used birthcontrol and discraded clothes. Needless to say I don't cache in sandals anymore.

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Reminds me of the time when a friend and I were caching and as he drove up to the hide area, I saw the cache from the passenger seat of the car. I immediately hopped out and grabbed it, holding it up for my friend to see. Imagine my surprise as I turned around to see him holding up and identical cache container found 15 feet away. Both logs were active depending on which cache was found. The owner hasn't been able to explain it because the cache had been active for a long time but no one had ever mentioned the duplicate.

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My daughter found an old ladies wallet...no money, cards or ID, only a few pictures remained.


Hubby found a buffalo nickel along a trail.


We've also found various animal skeletons, which Brenda insists that we take home. Luckily, I've been able to convince her to leave the bones and take a picture instead. The best was an old turtle shell.


I found a missing cache container, too. When I found it, it was pretty far from the posted coords, so I returned it closer to where it should be. I thought that I found the replacement cache, but I had found the original container (found that out after I returned home and emailed the cache owner).

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We found one of those fireproof boxes with a bunch of papers sticking out. More papers on the ground that looked like withdrawal/deposit receipts and bills. We called the police who came out and gathered it all up.


Turns out the stuff belonged to an elderly woman whose children were...ahem...trying to get rid of her. Permanently. :laughing: The stuff we found was used as evidence against them.



"Nine out of ten voices in my head say 'Don't listen to her!'"

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When I first started caching, my mother and I were walking through a creekbed when we saw a femur bone sticking out of the grass. I was content to convince myself it belonged to an animal, but my mom (who is a nurse) wasn't so sure. She called the police and we waited for them at the site. They ended up sending several cruisers, an ambulance and the ME's office to check it out. They said it was human, but they didn't find anything else at the site.


I also found out that I was allergic to poison ivy during that cache. I ended up out of work for a whole week because of it!

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What havent' we found?!


Searching for a keyholder on a pedestrian overpass, I found it, but it had a key in it wrapped in a tissue. Found an identical keyholder 5 inches way that had a log in in.


There have been a couple of crack pipes, somebody's purse, a can of beer in a cache, a half eaten deer carcass, a licence plate, and lots and lots of evidence of parties for two.

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