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Meridian Gold basemap update

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Hello to all- I recently purchased a second hand Meridian Gold. I upgraded the firmware myself. The back light screen was blotchy, so I sent it into Magellan for an exchange. The base map was not upgraded. The base map loaded into the unit is labeled NA M Land- 1.03 in the about screen. Using Hyperterminal I found the file is actually called NA_G103.BIN. After some research into upgrading the basemap (Yes, I know I have not done enough to find out for myself) I found another base map file on a Russian website. After extracting this file I see it is called na_110 (meri & st).mgn.

Is this an appropriate base map file for a Meridian Gold? Do I need to rename the file to something else with an *.img extension? Is this process as simple as erasing th current base map and using Magup to load the new map? Should I just forget about doing this myself and send it back to Magellan(another nightmare in itself)? Is upgrading the base map something I should care about to begin with? I know I am asking a lot but I do think that everyone had to be new at this at one time. Thanks to all.

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The basemap should not be a concern. The detail maps are where you spend most of your time. (I do at least) If you haven't changed the basemap before and you are not 100% confident in your ability DO NOT ATTEMPT IT!


See the answer posted here as you posted the same question on that forum.

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