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Win a new Tiki MojosHoard Geocoin

sillygirl & jrr
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Since we have enjoyed of the generosity of this forum we wanted to give something back.


We got our new Tiki coins directly from the coin maker last night, and these are the best ones yet!


In honor of the "Geocoin Top Forty." The coin will go to the first person to do one of the following:


E-mail us (we can'tt get PMs) with the solved coorinates for our puzzle cache: 867-5309




post specifically how/where one could obtain the coordinates.


Note there are several correct answers, the first answer will get the Tiki, the 2nd will get a "Never Stop Geocaching" coin.

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im usually good at puzzles, but, um, i dont know where to begin. whats the puzzle. AHHHH


Yes, welcome to puzzle caching in Hawaii!


Since it has been an hour we will tell you this.


The coordinates are not to be found on the cache page, not in the lyrics, phone numbers or other images. You will not find them in the source code.


So where are they? All of that information is on the cache page, you just need to figure it out.


You may post your ideas for specifically where the coordinates can be found here.

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You call the phone numbers listed (the ones that aren't scratched out) and one of them will have a recording that tells you the actual coordinates.


(de ja vu--we had to do this type of puzzle as an event cache!)


good try (and close to one possible solution) but no


thats the same thing i said

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