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Mapsource TOPO with street names?


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This should be an easy question, but I can't find a clear thread.

Is there any way to show both topo info AND street names on a 60csx at the same time? The TOPO software just calls all the streets "roads".


My understanding is that only one map is visible in a given location at a given time. Are we to understand you are running two mapsets in your gps now, not just topo? I seem to remember topo being pretty low on the "who's on top" pecking order, so I think only topo is loaded on yours or another map is loaded but turned off in the GPSr.


I suppose you could make a waypoint overlay for the map marking important streets. Those would be visible at the appropriate zoom level no matter which mapset was being viewed. Same for POI but I think they are only visible when highly zoomed.


Hmmmm.. When I use the online topo map viewer at least the major roads are named. The minor roads and streets are there but not named.

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