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First New Years Eve Give-away


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Has BF posted whether or not anyone has figured it out? My save the server some grief... I've been trying to get on the site for hours... had I known there were contests I probably would have known what the issh was.


My attempt:

You were camping, went fishing and cooked your fish, accidently burning it. Set it on a nice wooden box that you use as a table for camping and it left an impression similar to what you now use as your moniker... so you woodburned the image into the box permenantly?


That is the wild thing that came into my head when I read the OP.

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byrne is your middle or first name and fisher is your last name


winner!!!! byrne is my middle name, fisher is my last name. this has been danced around since about the 9th post, but never been guessed. Thanks for participating! send me a PM with your address if you won.


Yay!!! So simple it was hard!!! Thanks! Email on the way!

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