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"Last Found" dates for caches.

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I know in the cities, caches are found weekly.

Here are the "last found" dates for my active caches.


Ex-Beaver Pond Cache Found: 12/29/2006

ShootingRange Found: 12/29/2006

Constitution(O.I.) Found: 12/29/2006

Cola cache Found: 12/29/2006

Shelob's corner lair Found: 12/29/2006

RailBed I Found: 12/26/2006

RailBed III Found: 12/26/2006

Robespierre's Treasure Found: 12/23/2006

Testicle Festival Found: 12/22/2006

On The S-Curve Found: 12/3/2006

Clear Fork #1 Found: 11/5/2006

Master-Key cache (HTGHD) Found: 10/29/2006

By the Waterfall Found: 10/14/2006

THE BIG PICTURE Found: 10/7/2006

Iberian Badger Found: 10/7/2006

Teddy Bear Haven Found: 9/21/2006

Cobey A cache Found: 9/8/2006

Cobey B cache Found: 9/8/2006

Cobey C cache Found: 9/8/2006


After years, we still are out-of-the-way for most Ohio cachers.

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Weary Traveler Rest Stop Found: 12/29/2006

Stop and Cache Found: 12/29/2006

Woodsy Woods Found: 12/26/2006

Sure Win #4 -- Thomaston Found: 12/26/2006

2nd Try Found: 12/24/2006

Just Add Water Found: 12/23/2006

Do You Have The Will To Do Good? Found: 12/18/2006

Park n' Grab Found: 12/16/2006

Sure Win #2 -- Macon Found: 12/16/2006

Stargate P3283 TB Cache Found: 12/11/2006

Do You Know Your NASCAR?? Found: 12/10/2006

Sure Win #3 -- Warner Robins Found: 12/10/2006

Kohl'd Hard Cache - Micro Found: 12/10/2006

Publix and the Enemy Found: 12/10/2006

Water Out Of Fish Found: 12/9/2006

Off You Rocker -- Dublin Found: 12/3/2006

Let's Play Found: 12/3/2006

Off The Course Found: 11/19/2006

Sonic's Evil Twin -- Maybe?? Found: 11/2/2006

Nameless Cache Found: 11/2/2006

Proof of Purchase Found: 10/29/2006

Evil Hedgehog Found: 10/8/2006

J.E.R.K.'s Cache Found: 8/2/2006


Well we do live in a medium size city and still the caches of ours that get found are the one along the Interstate. Not the in town ones. SO I guess we are out of the way for most Georgia cachers. Shame too they are missing some great caches.

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Like most, my city caches are found regularly, my country caches much less so, especially the boat-access island caches.


Golden Rule Found: 12/29/2006

YNot Found: 12/29/2006

We'll Never Forget 9/11 #11 Found: 12/29/2006

Hide it and they will come #2 Found: 12/29/2006

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Found: 12/27/2006

Rambler's Only Micro! Found: 12/27/2006

East Berlin Found: 12/14/2006

Graduation Day Found: 12/10/2006

West Berlin Found: 12/2/2006

Lair of the Wombat Found: 11/30/2006

Holly Pond! Found: 10/8/2006

The South Shall Rise Again! Found: 9/13/2006

Willow Point Island Found: 9/2/2006

Gone Campin Found: 8/19/2006

Thunder Road Found: 8/12/2006

Old Fireworks Island Cache Found: 6/16/2006

Kowaliga View Cache Found: 6/9/2006

Gone Fishin' Found: 3/29/2006

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I'm much closer to a "big city" than you are, Robespierre, but I guess my caches are still far enough outside Columbus' I-270 to be considered too far away by most.


Mary-Kate and ... Found: 12/29/2006

Haunted Tunnel Found: 12/29/2006

Mexican Badgers (Badger) Found: 12/26/2006

Nathaniel, not Earp Found: 12/24/2006

Hayes & Lemonades Found: 11/25/2006

Hill Cemetery Found: 11/25/2006

Haillte Cache Found: 11/24/2006

Forgotten But Not Gone Found: 11/17/2006

Quarry Cache Found: 11/10/2006

Under Cover Found: 11/4/2006

Hometown History Revisited Found: 10/14/2006

Treaty of Greenville Found: 8/20/2006

Stuck in the Middle Found: 6/24/2006

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All rural Iowa.


Uniquely Iowa Found: 12/29/2006

Millrock Schoolhouse Found: 12/17/2006

Swinging Bridge Found: 11/28/2006

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