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I currently have an eXplorist 500, Santa brought me an XL for Christmas. I have Direct Route and Topo US. Can this software be used with the XL?


Absolutely yes, but.


The way Magellan licensing works, the software is licensed for just ONE GPSr.


I have an Ex 600 and XL. I use the topo software on the 600 (which I use more for backpacking and hiking) and the DR software for the XL (road routing). It's a good compromise. I put the same files of caches on both (limiting the caches to under 175 per file.)


You can pay to have the software licesed to more units I suppose.

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The EULA states one GPS unit per copy of the program, and (unlike Garmin) Magellan doesn't have an arrangement to sell additional usage licenses...you have to buy another copy of the program for an addtional GPS unit.


The newest versions of DirectRoute and Topo3D (that come on DVD) effectively enforce that arrangement--and even require that you have a separate computer for an additional GPS/software program combination.


Older versions (that come on CD) actually will allow for changing the serial number up to 3 or 4 times before allowing no additional serial number changes. At that point, you can re-install the software and start the counter again. This is a violation of the EULA, but you can effectively use more than one GPS this way.

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wow everythin else I have read led me to believe you could load mapsend topo 3d on mutiple units. Is the above true..? 1 cd/dvd per cpu and gps?


Sorry, but this is the exact languange from the Topo 3D program:


"Under the Agreement, you have a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal license to install and operate a single copy of this Software on a single computer to enable you to download data from that computer for use with a single Magellan family handheld GPS receiver subject to the User Restrictions below. Thales Navigation ("Licensor") and its third-party suppliers retain all rights to the program not expressly granted by the Agreement."


For clarification, I have TOP3D installed on a different PC than NA Direct Route.

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