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Vinyl is Back! Well, BN Vinyl that is!

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I am Highly upset & I'm calling it a night. :D


Awww, I'm sorry you're upset :D . I had thought a seperate thread just for trading the Top 40 would have been a good idea, and saw that the one started a while back got shut down too. :laughing:


On another note, I think the sandblasting looks great, and appreciate all you've done for this project and to keep us updated.

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Sandblasting definitely looks better. (Hey maybe someone else can start a new thread for this topic?)


And why would you think that thread would not be merged with this one?

Let's move on folks, it's no big deal. Duplicate topics get merged into one thread.


The goal was to make sure that everybody saw the sample pics which has been accomplished. Can we please just move on without the drama?


Let's keep this thread on topic - I beleive that Fluttershy was requesting opinions on whether the sandblasting looks better.

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I wonder if I invoiced Damenis for a few thousand, if he' pay it in his excitement for the real one...


What's your paypal address again, Dennis?!!? :cool:


Allie you had me worried, I was beginning to wonder if you had them put me at the end of the list. No sooner did the thought cross my mind did I receive an invoice. Payment sent now I get to wait in anticipation.



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