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Recently pick-up a 60CSx a few months back. Great GPSr by the way. I just recently got a subrscription at CG.com and went ahead and downloaded 500 caches in my area to my GPSr (now using GSAK, which is very sweet). All of that is fins till I looked at the Waypoint (or Geocache) screen and only saw a couple dozen waypoints. So I tried the download again, and only a couple dozen show up. Then, just by chance, I flip the sort to show by name, and voila, all 500 caches are there. It seems the Sort By Distance has a limit of 20km or so. As in the GPSr will only show you the caches within a certain range. Is there anyway to change that??? Show all the caches regardless of the distance




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You say a couple of dozen. Could it be as many as 50? Find Nearest shows only the 50 closest waypoints to your current position. You can move your cursor to a new position and show the 50 nearest to that location.


If you have more than 50 caches within 185 km or so, and less than 50 are showing up when you select Find Nearest, make sure that they all have the same symbol.


If you have previously searched by symbol, the GPSr will continue to search by symbol. This is a powerful way to sort waypoints when you have lots of them listed. When you press FIND » 'Waypoints' » ENTR, the GPSr defaults to showing only the nearest 50 waypoints of the last symbol type you entered. You can have it show the nearest 50 waypoints of any one type by pressing MENU. From the menu, press 'Select Symbol' » ENTR. Scroll to the symbol type you want shown and press ENTR (or scroll to 'All Symbols' and press ENTR to show all symbols). By changing from 'Find Nearest' to 'Find by Name', you can show all waypoints with that symbol type in alphabetical order. To see all waypoints, select 'Find by Name' and 'All Symbols'. To find the 50 nearest Geocaches, select 'Find Nearest' and 'Select Symbol' to 'Geocache'. The heading on the waypoint list reminds you of the setting. For example, if the forgoing selection is used, the heading on the waypoint list reads "Geocache Near Current Location".


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