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GPS reception through GM truck windows

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Depends on the GPS and where in the vehicle it is located.


Some vehicle windows also have metallic coating for UV protection... it seriously effects GPSr reception inside vehicles.




I just used my venture cx in our Safari van over the weekend and had 8ft. accuracy. Moving it to the middle of the car away from the windows did seriously limit the signal, but overall, I was surprised how well it worked. I just got it a week ago and was afraid of it not working in the car.

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Hello to all- Does anyone have GPS reception problems through the windows of General Motors trucks and SUVs? When I drive my bosses Suburban my garmin does not seem to perform as well. Anyone else?


I've used my Garmin eTrex Legend on the dash of my Suburban many a time without any apparent problems.



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We've used ours in our GM SUV without any problems as long as there is vision to at least two windows from where you are sitting. Only one window still works but since you can only see part of the sky there are less satellites available for a fix.


We have Garmins and Magellans and both work, even my Forerunner 305 strapped to my wrist works.



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I mount my Garmin GPSMap 60CSx on a "vent mount" and I lay my Magellan eXplorist 600 on the dash or on the passenger's seat in my 2002 GMC Sonoma (pick-up) and do the same in our 2002 Pontiac Montana. In the Montana, I also place the Magellan in the little holder/alcove in the dash near my left knee. All of our units work fine where they are placed, and seem to get strong signals on a full selection of satellites.

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One list of problem vehicles is here. The same thing that messes up GPS reception also messes up toll tags. I didn't see any GM trucks on that list.

That list has my Montana on it and my Montana does have the metallic layer in the windshield that would block GPS signals. You can see the film. On the montana the top of the window has about 4" or so that doesn't have the film. You can see the line.

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