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Puzzle Madness

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Has anybody had any problems whilst setting a Puzzle Cache?


Just put or first one out and no matter how often I checked it I still managed to publish it with small errors that made some sections of code unresolvable. :laughing::D:D:D:D:D


Has this happened to anyone else or was i having a case of not seeing the wood from the trees whilst setting this one up.


73 and Happy New Year to all



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I managed to set my latest puzzle with two of the numbers in the west part of the coordinates transposed. It gave the Archer4 family a nice day out searching for the cache a considerable distance from the correct location. :laughing: .


Previously, I have mixed up two stages of a multicache which caused some confusion to the first person who found it.

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You're not alone - I managed to put two separate puzzle caches out - muddle the coordinates and map both results to one cache! Thanks to the White Family for pointing that out - what a plonker its possible to be!

I always try to get a foreigner to Beta test for me and I return the compliment




Funny that Bob... I do the same... I grab someone who is not local in the Geocacher's chat room and get them to work out the puzzle... they tell me what coords they get, and bingo!

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