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GO700 in Australia


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A relative of our has flown over to Australia from Europe. They were hoping to use their TomTom GO700 to get around out here. They have purchased the official TomTom Oz map which is working fine. However the unit is constantly stating that there is poor GPS reception and there appears to be no signal. Both of my Oz Garmin units are working just fine.


I have been through all of the TomToms settings and can't find anything that indicates we need to change the country (other than the maps).


Can anyone help out with any advice. The tomtom site is worse than useless.

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If this were a handheld GPS, the sudden relocation across the world would mean it is searching for the wrong set of satellites in the sky. In this instance, the unit would need a reset (not sure if this would be a soft or hard reset) so that it could load a new almanac of satellites for where it is now.


As it is a TomTom, it will have far less user-resettable properties. But somehow, the unit needs to load a new almanac of the Auzzie satellites. Try leaving it for 30-45min with a clear unobstructed view of the sky to see if it can do this for itself.


Just found this on the TomTom website:


"How can I reset TomTom GO? (GO users only)

You should never have to reset TomTom GO under normal circumstances. However, in the event of a problem you can reset the unit by removing it from the cradle and using a straightened paper clip in the reset hole on the unit's bottom (just behind the release button)."


So after you reset the unit, put it outside (switched on) to let it learn the new satellites above it. Let us know if this works please!

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