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Microsoft Streets And Trips

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You'll need to get your coords into a text format. GPSBabel is a free program that will convert files containing coordinates (Like Geocaching .LOC) into many other formats, including Streets & Trips.


I'm not sure if it's the same (I use MapPoint 2006) buy you'll then need to use the import data wizard to import the text file and it will make them into pushpins.

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You want to convert the Loc or GPX file to a csv or xls file. You can import those files into Streets and Trips. I do this all the time, but use GSAK to do it. GSAK has GPSbabel under the hood.


As an FYI, you can also connect a garmin USB GPSr to use with Streets and Trips. Download Spanner from Garmin's web site.... works great.



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As said you must convert your data into a .csv (comma seperated values) or .xls (.xls is Excel) file several programs will do this for you. Personally I use GSAK.


Start Streets and Trips then at the top go to "Data" then "import" browse to file location and a wizard will guide you through the purpose.

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does this allow you to import them/export them to pocket streets so you can use them in your PDA?


I just bought streets and trips 2006 with pocket streets cause I thought it would let me do routing on my pocket PC with GPS, but it doesn't. would be good if it let me do caches on there.

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