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Magellan Explorist


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Having spent at least 9 hours in the past 2 days trying to get my Magellan 500 Explorist to accept downloaded waypoints, I have to ask for some help. I've tried EVERYTHING. Finally, waypoints will load on with GSAK, but when I click on them on the GPSr, the screen just goes back to the previous one, i.e. I go nowhere.


Can anyone help? I've read so many forums I can't even count them all, but none have helped me.



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I'd need to know a bit more information to help. I also have an Explorist 500. Did you save to the internal memory or to an SD card?


Either way:


1. Did you press MENU > PREFERENCES > ACTIVE SETUP and then scroll down to GEOCACHES?


2. Once there click in the box and a window saying SELECT FILE should show up.


3. When you click on SELECT FILE, your root directory should show up.


4. Mine says SD\Geocaches as I've saved several files from GSAK on a memory card. I believe that it says Memory\Geocaches if you've saved to the unit's internal memory. Select the file name that you uploaded your waypoints as and it should become the default and show up on the map navigation screen.


I hope that this helps!

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I can do all the things you mention in your first reply, but that still gives me no access to any information.


I'm saving on the internal memory.


K. So, do you: select your cache page - click on LOC (I've upgraded, but it hasn't come through yet) - save it to a particular file? GSAK specifically?


Then go in through GSAK, and this new cache shows on the computer screen at this point?


Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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Many, many thanks. I was in touch with Magellan several times yesterday. Each time the techie would take me through the whole process of loading on waypoints. The files could never be accessed on the GPS, even though they showed. Each time the techie would put me on hold to figure it out further, and I would get cut off - of course all after having been on hold to get through, or having the line be too busy - it was Boxing Day, so they might have been just a tad busy. I'm going to start fresh today and give it another try. Thanks for all the links, Clyde. I think I came across that list, and checked each one, about 5 times yesterday scouring the forums. At least I have a spare Garmin it all else fails. :laughing:

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