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Ahh I guess I'll giva away a coin too!

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my daughter says go for it Dad!

Hey big guy, are you really home for the holidays? That's pretty good in itself.


Still helping the count along....safe and Happy New Year to all. (Don't forget that soon you will have to write 2007!)

Yep and hopefully all week, my load isn't due til Jan 2nd , afternoon. But still need to call in tomorrow to see if they need me :o

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How about another givaway. This is coin is a mystery coin though. It is not trackable but is made by hogwildstuff. So I will be taking the #150 post for this coin. The same rules still apply (do not flood the topic so you can win) and also 501 gang is not eligible because he won the previous contest. So good luck to you all! :o

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:oPlease note I may go out shopping for some food and maybe use some of the gift cards I got for christmas so If I don't respond to pms or emails don't worry, "I shall return"-General Douglas MacArthur


By the way I am still looking for 150 since my post will still be counted as one. So i guess you could say I just helped you get a little closer. :D

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