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New Year GC Resolutions


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Not so much a resolution for myself but a wish for the community at large:


:o That all those coins that have mysteriously gone missing, suddenly turn up in caches, no questions asked! :D


The first coin I released this year, toddled around the West Country, got logged by about 18 people, went to the Lake District and simply disappeared ... I'm sure this isn't a unique experience (sadly).

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I have a couple of little targets for this year....


To do my 750th at the top of the Empire State Building at the end of this month

To take Philpamandrob up on their challenge to hit 1000 by September this year


More importantly, to help mend some of the caching friendships that have been tested to their limits recently. :laughing: and to keepon cahcing with my own great caching friends!

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We've resolved to get to 100 by New Year. Today is probably going to be our last chance so we'd better make an early start :laughing: .


Skinny Malinky

If you are going to the event on Saturday, I believe there may be just enough caches placed, for you to get your 100th at the event??


We went out for a mammoth day in Perthshire and not only did we break 100 we beat our record of caches in a day. :D:D:D

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We have several


1. To improve our DNF rate and return to some of those we haven't found and FIND them


2. To reach 300 caches by our 1 year caching anniversary date


3. To encourage people not to use the COPY/PASTE method to logging caches


4. To continue having fun and making new friendships along our caching journey


Sarah The Morgan Mob :)


PS. Hazel...if there is anything I can do to help with your final resolution..you know where to find me :D

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