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Geocoin giveaway


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I have received so I want to give.



Please let someone who has not won a coin or got an $.01 offer today win this coin.

Only one post per name.


To get the coin you must answer these questions:


What was Paul's trade (apostle in the Bible)

How much does a F-14 cost

Names of the two main pilots (not Goose) in the movie Top Gun


Winner gets a Antique Copper F-14 geocoin and pin (photos can be seen at hogwildstuff web site)


Merry Christmas all

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Haha. 2happy2gether good job. Thanks for the help 6 Feet More.


2happy2gether pm me your address and I will get the coin out on Tuesday or Wednesday.


6 Feet More pm your address and I will send a coin for the honesty (It is a NAVSTAR Geocoin from crakephoto).


Merry Christmas all

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