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Happy Holidays Everyone!


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A blow-up doll? :laughing:


Oh wait, that was last Christmas...sowwy. :laughing:


Edit: You said to be specific, so I'm changing mine to a blow-up sheep, which you don't have yet. I hope.


Tell me, you got coal in your stocking from Santa didn't you? I heard you were on his Naughty List.

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It's after midnight on the East coast, so I'll check again when I get up in the morning to see if there is a second winner. At that time if necessary I'll give some hints and increase the number of guesses per cacher to 3.

Note: I have not announced or contacted the first winner and won't until the second coin has been won.

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Time to give few hints. Think of something a boy with very little Christmas spending money would buy for his dad, it is not clothing, not geocaching or Scout related. Some might consider this a gag gift, but remember that someone has already guessed it if that helps you. Have fun!

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