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The Shipper has a deal for you


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Looks like I just missed it! Just got home from Christmas Day with the family. Went to the site but it says it's sold out. No surprise, I'm always a day late and a dollor short but I would like to say thank you for making this available, it was a nice gesture and had I looked a little sooner, I could have part of the sale. Merry Christmas!

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Yeah, I missed it, too. But that may not be a bad thing...


It's been a rough Christmas season for me. I just wasn't in the right mood at all. My daughter came home from college for Thanksgiving this year, and shared a nice illness with me that turned into a great case of Bronchitis. I missed three days of school over that, and that is saying something, because I just don't miss work (but I didn't want to make everyone else sick). I hadn't really recovered yet, and was having a hard time getting into the whole holiday thing anyway, but I tried...And now the Brochitis has decided to make a second attack on me for Christmas. I'm coughing and feverish and cold and hot and clammy, Yuck!


I did manage to make it to my mother-in-laws Christmas Eve but I slept on her couch most of the time I was there. Went to my mother's Christmas Day and had to leave because I felt ill...Luckily, my children and husband and I celebrate together earlier in the day when I felt better---except for my oldest son and his girlfriend. After I left Mom's I had a nap and then the oldest son and gf came by ---so now the festivities are all over and I'm rested again.


I was feeling miserable and generally out-of-sorts...and then I started re-reading the forums. I cannot believe all the generousity I've seen out of these forums today. I said earlier today that it was a free coin I got from Oak Coins that began the process of a cheery Christmas for me--and seeing all the nice comments and fun 'competitions' in the forums today has added to that so much. You folks just can't imagine how much these little giveaways have cheered me this holiday season.

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