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Yet another Christmas give away!


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Here is our Christmas geocache story. :) Santa (aka GeoDad) set us up on a holiday cache hunt this morning. There was an envelope under the tree addressed to the family. Everyone’s jaws dropped open. Where did that come from? Hmmmmmmmmmm……….. We had a letter inside from Santa who told us that years ago pirates were in this area and had buried treasure nearby. It was our job to find it using our gps. We input the coords, ran outside to get a clear reading and knew we would find what we were looking for around the house. The gps led us to an ornament hanging in the neighbor’s yard (filled with chocolate – yum) and a 2nd set of coordinates attached. From there we moved to another tree in our back yard with a 2nd chocolate filled ornament and a 3rd set of coordinates. The kids took turns navigating and the next set of clues was found in a new micro container in the mailbox. All this time our daughter is just amazed and stunned that Santa knew we geocached and took the time to set up this great hunt. The next set of clues was hidden on the swing set in another micro magnetic. This one took some hunting but it finally turned up. The kids could not stop going on about the multi-cache Santa set up for us! New coordinates led us to the front of the house and it took the kids a couple seconds to realize they were looking for something big this time and it was in one of the evergreens. They honed in on the tree and found a large container resting on the branches of the tree. It was taken inside – too darn cold to open outside. It was a Santa tin (maybe a good container if we cammo tape it) and inside were a whole bunch of treasures for each of the family. Of course Pirates of the Caribbean was in there – a great movie treasure to watch today, and lots of chocolate goodies. Our daughter kept saying this was the best Christmas ever. So glad we can still make her so happy by doing something so fun and imaginative. Now how are we going to top it next year – lol? It was great fun, creative and got us to search for a cache on our one-year Geocaching anniversary. We are so glad we chose this great, wonderful family hobby! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Buried under wrapped presents to the side of our tree was a finished wooden box. Our granddaughter (8yrs) was handing out the gifts and came acoss the box, unwrapped with no tag. Grandmother told her to look at the initials, and she read them outloud, "BBA". It didn't dawn on her until the third or fourth time, then her eyes lit up and she exclaimed "BBA! (her name). Those are my initials!!"

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This is just a joke no blondes were hurt in its posting.


A blonde woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.


She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"


The clerk says, "What denomination?"


The woman says, "God help us. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Catholic, 12

Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists

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