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Yet another Christmas coin give away


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I am sorry if you are blond this is just a joke.


A blonde woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.


She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"


The clerk says, "What denomination?"


The woman says, "God help us. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Catholic, 12

Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists."

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Funny Christmas stories...well...We grew up in the days of the first video game consoles...no not pong (although we had that too)! The Atari set we got for Christmas that year came with a few games for us 3 boys to enjoy, a racing game, Pitfall and Donkey Kong. Being young boys, we (my two brothers and myself) were up before the sun and READY to go!! Come on Dad, Wake up Mom...let's open PRESENTS!!!!!!


FINALLY, out of the bedroom pops the "adults" (always spoiling our fun with their late sleeping in anyway...what, like they were up LATE or something???). "Alright" Dad said, "Let's get this show on the road" And with that, Dad started handing out the gifts as he always would, while Mom went into the kitchen to check on the Turkey (those turkey dinners were a chore in those days...not like the easy meal of today) ;-)


After the rain of wrapping paper subsided, we found that we indeed had a new Atari and we were fighting over who would play first!! "I wanna play" Yells Bobby! "Let me play" shouts Sean! I'm the middle boy, so I knew right off that I wouldn't get to play first, but hey, watching IS fun...right??


We soon quieted down a bit, hooked the many wires up to the machine and TV, and we were now ready to go!! In goes the race game, the fun was almost instantaneous...until we started arguing over who was next!! The fighting got to be too much, and soon my Grandma comes into the room in a huff! "Quiet down or your Dad says he'll take that game away from you" she warns...Grandma was sooo very nice and always a joy to have visit!!


We didn't listen, and sure enough, Dad came in and started his yelling!! He got about halfway through his rantings when he noticed the game, decided he'd solve the problem and sat down to play with us!! Now, all the adults (Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles and Aunts) were in the kitchen playing cards or talking while awaiting the feast, while us three boys and my Dad were in the bedroom playing our video game!


Soon, we realized that we had lost control of the game altogether and went on about our business of playing with our other toys which BARELY even got unwrapped!!


About an hour or so later, my Mom yells in for us boys to come and get the table set for dinner...and "where's your Dad"! The table was set, the dinner was arranged carefully onto the table (there was sooo much...Turkey, dressing, mashed taters, sweet taters, corn green beans, baked macaroni and cheese, baked beans, scalloped corn, the usual veggie trays and the fruit salad)...but still no Dad! "Where is your Dad" Mom asked again.


Well, when we FINALLY got Dad to quit playing, us boys had already fixed our plates and were eating, Mom was mad at Dad and the game was put up in the "adults" bedroom!!! :-( Thanks Dad, YOU got our game taken away!!!


I know...long story, but it was a memorable Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas all!!!

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Oh, I have a funny holiday story!


My boys are grown now, but way back when they were young, I think my youngest was 5 and the oldest 8, they appeared to be little blonde headed angels. But they were mischevious little boys.


I was invited, along with the family to a Christmas party at my bosses' house. I loaded my angelic children in the car and worried....would they act up? Probably!


So I turned around, and in my smug Mommy tone, informed them that I expected to have well-behaved children for Christmas. My youngest little angel chimes up with "Well, we'll beat them up!"



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This is an ice Christmas tree they make on Belle Isle in Detroit every year for the Holidays


This is definately the craziest and one of the most fun things we have done while geocaching. It was a snowy, cold (25 degrees or so)and windy January Michigan day just after the Holidays. This cache popped up asking the cachers to take unusual pictures. The kids came up with this and I was shocked when my wife actually went along with it. Needless to say, we had many stares and an endless honking of horns.


Slippery Situation - GCM6PT


Disclaimer - No children or animals were harmed during the taking of this picture.



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As life would have it both these things happened the same year.

It was Christmas eve afternoon and I asked my son to start his tub and take a bath. We had a busy night with company coming later. About 30 minutes later, I go up to fine my angelic 6 year old glued to the TV. But he did manage to get half the request accomplished! As I approached the bathroom from his room I started to feel and hear a strange squishy sound. THe carpet was soaked, as I got into the bathroom a quickly decided a boat was needed! I have never seen so much water running over a tub before!

I quickly had to call the neighbor to help me move furniture (it was Christmas eve, and we all know dads are shopping that day!) so that I could suck out the water with a carpet cleaner. It was one of the first ones of those so had a huge cannister. We filled it up! As I am doing this and griping my child comes in and looks at me with the teariest and most sincere little face and says "I am getting coal, I know it! In say why do you think that "because this is just the kind of thing kids get coal for"

It was so precious.


After midnight that night, after all had gone to bed, well except the grown up elves that is, we were putting together a toybox. As Mr. mama cache to starts to work he discovers NON of the screws are in the box.

Call the neighbors again to see if they have some of that that size. Well, they are already well into a night of Hot toddies, And found our plight to be the most hilarious thing they had ever heard! It is a wonder they did not die of laughter.

In the end we had enough screws and all was well, but mom and dad were sure tired!

And Bryan was so happy and relieved that Santa did not leave any coal!

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Merry Christmas to all, and my Santa not bring you coal!

LOL! I love it! Well after staying up WAY LATER than I should last night, I finally crawled into bed around 2:30 AM. Shortly after I fell asleep, the 4 year old woke up, so I laid down with her in her bed. Somewhere around 5 AM, I awoke because I was very cold. Why was I so cold?! Hmmm...only 1 side of me was cold...the side Heather is on. Oh no! After spending the evening at Gramma's, enjoying all of the caffeine-free coke she wanted, we headed home. She, of course fell asleep in the car. Not usually a bad thing, unless you have a bladder full of cola. Yup, mother nature called in the middle of the night, and she did not pick up the phone. I changed her clothes, threw her in bed with dad, cleaned the bed, and changed my jammies. Of course, by the time I cleaned everything, I could not fall back asleep. Finally, around 7 AM, I decided to lay down on the couch. I was just about asleep when the 11 year old woke up and got everybody else up. UGH! I have been operating on 2-2.5 hours of sleep all day. I am about ready to drop!

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