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Yet another Christmas coin give away


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I just received my very cute new Seahorse coins from Landsharkz yesterday. I can't think of any clever questions to ask so these posts will win a coin:

Post 8

Post 35

Post 46

Post 47

Post 122

Post 267

PM me your address if you're a winner.


Ok & also post your cute & funny Christmas stories/pictures/whatever on this post until midnight Christmas night. My top 3 favorites will win a coin too. Make me laugh :D


And one random person who posts will also win a coin too. Up until midnight Christmas night.


I'll post the winners after midnight on Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!





Lol, you guys are way too funny. I had alot of fun reading all your posts. We have our 6 winners for posting on the correct posts. I've already picked one lucky cacher who will receive a coin for the cutest picture. But I'll keep it a secret until Christmas night.

There are still three coins up for grabs. I'd love to hear all your Christmas stories about children & pets with their presents. I'll post a picture of my little guy with his presents tomorrow.

Keep those funny pictures & stories coming. I may (most likely) give away more than the 3 coins I had originally mentioned to lucky geocoin addicts.

Merry Christmas!!!!!


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