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Geocaching Christmas Gifts

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What I got was of more value than any gocaching or even tangible gift... by staying home with my family (I canceled a 3-day caching trip around the state) and not caching this week I earned the attaboy and appreciation from my wife that will allow me to cache more during the next year without resentment!


She did let me HIDE a cache, though, but only because it's on my front porch and I didn't have to leave the house to place it! :o



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My daughter made up and gave me a cache repair kit. It's in a small tackle box and contains two tubes of super glue, two black Sharpies, two silver Sharpies for writing on black surfaces, a couple feet of velcro, two feet of magnetic tape, four one inch square magnets with tape on one side, eight round magnets about the size of a nickle and ten small round magnets, a dozen or so mini 2x3 ziploc baggies and a dozen or so 3x5 ziploc baggies. I thought it was a great present!


What no duct tape!

Hey - I drive a Jeep - duct tape and baling wire are standard equipment :o

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We had been borrowing an older Garmin 45, and our kids got us a beautiful new eTrex Legend, not much to compare to the fancy ones most of you have gotten, but tons better for us. We experimented with it yesterday, and can't wait to go find some caches with it. We had a DNF that has really bothered ToyBoy, and he wants to go and try again now. We are so happy!


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I shoulda known by the look on DBF's face whenever I sung along to the Garmin Christmas commercial that I was....getting a Garmin :o


Also - his parents presented me with a stack of $2 bills - just perfect to use as swag in particularly nice caches.


Tried everything out at lunch time today. Life is grand!

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I got a nice pair of waterproof boots, which I really wanted after doing a muddy hike the other day. I also got a laptop on Black Friday which I haven't been able to use yet because my wife keeps telling me to wait to Xmas. Which I did, except for installing software & drivers on it etc.



My nephew gave me a bunch of teeny-weeny toy soldiers to place in caches.



All of you that got a 60CSx are gonna LOVE it!

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Well... I didn't get any caching gear :D


I'd ordered a U4DB travel bug - that came today :D (so I guess it still counts...).


I also ordered 4 TBs was going to use as stocking stuffers for all of us but I left it too late and they haven't arrived yet (DOH!).


I left my significant other a big hint on our ebay page - have been watching a PC interface cable for my Garmin eTrex Legend - but I guess he didn't grab the hint :P


I like that shoulder bag that was posted - perhaps for Valentine's day??? (not holding breath here - but maybe I'll treat myself!)


I did manage to find a cache on the way to our friends' house for Christmas dinner!



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I got a set of Motorola Talkabouts which will give me some peace of mind on the trail. My son Airzilla likes to run ahead and check out stuff, and then of course run back to me then run ahead again. I can't exactly tell him "You know that fun you are having outdoors in the woods running around and doing 11 year old stuff, you can't do it anymore you have to walk the trail at the pace of your mother" :laughing: So with the talkabouts I will be able to keep better tabs on him and tell him when to wait for me instead of the hollering method. Which of course at 11 years old he has selective hearing (I didn't hear you saying not to go waist deep into the creek :D !)

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I have found my first 6-7 cache's without a GPS. Needless to say it usually involved more than one trip and LOTS of walking around in circles.


Santa took pity on me and got me an explorist 500 which I will be forever grateful for. (Makes things alot easier :laughing: )


I downloaded all the maps I needed, and had an extra SD card from my camera which was exactly what I was missing. Didn't sleep for almost 24hrs while learning to figure out how it works (Uploading waypoints, detailed maps, routes, etc etc etc) Now i'm all set !!


Can't wait to set-up my own Cache's .. (Look out Montreal!!)

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I just got a call from my stepdaughter, who was out shopping with her Mom today. While at the grocery store, they picked up a set of lock and lock containers (these things are amazing, I have one that's been out over a year and still completely dry inside!) and a fake rock hide a key.


I'm hiding some caches tonight when I get home! I already have the spots picked out!

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QUOTE(R.O.B @ Dec 24 2006, 07:22 PM) 2626151[/snapback]

Ok everybody, let's hear what you got for Christmas that was geocaching related.


- Premium Membership

- Garmin Foretrex 101

- Folding stool to carry with me for those pesky caches w/o a place to sit while signing the log.

- Light sticks

- Poncho

- Flashlight


It was a very caching Xmas.


Plus and Alfonso Soriano and Derrek Lee Jeresy! Not GC related, but AWESOME!!!


Jersey and Garmin pictured below w/ TB


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Happy Christmas to me!!

I got a pocket PC-the HP IPAQ. Whoo hoooo. Now I just need to learn how to use it for caching. I also got hiking boots, a box of swag from American Science Surplus, some travel bugs and some geo pins. Sweet!

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Happy Christmas to me!!

I got a pocket PC-the HP IPAQ. Whoo hoooo. Now I just need to learn how to use it for caching. I also got hiking boots, a box of swag from American Science Surplus, some travel bugs and some geo pins. Sweet!


Yes, but have you ever been to the store (to my knowledge there're only 3 locations 2 in Chicago, and one in milwaukee). I love just walking in that store and looking aorund. I could spend hours in there....Got my "swag bag" from there. An old gas mask pouch...Awesome...



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I got a Holux BT GPS to use with my pocket pc...so that I can finish this cool game that I am making. I also got 6 ammo cans, a camelback mule, a new computer with DSL (yes until christmas I was on dial up), a couple of coins, and some swag. The coolest gift I got was when my daughter mentioned her GPSr and ready to go cache that I gave her before the Ipod Santa had brought her. Now thats cool. Most of all I got to spend time with my girls...and find a few caches. See you on the trail.



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