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Another Coin Giveaway

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Atlantagal has got it.

Oklahoma in 1907.


I added the 1890 as an edit because I found two sources that list it, but all the rest say 1907. So there's definitely a descrepency with that one somewhere in webland :laughing:


I dont know where the 1890 came from. The book I am going out of says 1907, and I checked a few web pages as well. Ill have a coin out to you Tuesday though.

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A few more coins to give away...

Everybody who has won a contest of mine so far please let others get this one.


In Kempton, PA there is a place that counts migrating birds of prey on their annual journey south. For the coin... Please post the name of this place, the number of merlins counted in 2001, and the date an African Steppe Eagle was counted. The first to post these answers gets a special prize.

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You Got it.

The European Space Agency's Olympus in 1993.

PM me your address and it will be out Tuesday!

Merry Christmas



Thank you, Thank you.

I wasn't sure what you meant by destroyed. I had heard that the Olympus was damaged by the Perseids and went out offline soon thereafter. Thanks, I've been tryin all night to win something.





I sent you a PM, Send me over you address, you get one too!

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