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More Xmas Viewing, there's nowt on telly you know


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Loving it! Loving it! Loving it!


Yet again Steven Elphberg has pulled out all the stops with a story of love, loss and people who should really know better at their age!


Nice to know that Boo will still leave her bloody toy peg next to me waiting for me to throw it even if i have been hacked to death by a tin foiled headed knight.. ah well, at least shes consistent!


Heres to the next episode of geocaching hi-jinks!




House Of Boo

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Thank the Lord for silly s*ds!


There's less and less caching content and more dressing up each time!


I'd also like to know what software you are using, the titles are really impressive. (That looks all wrong in print, like the titles are the best bit, I hope you know what I mean)


Happy Christmas etc.

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Yes, there wasn't much actual caching on show there, but half the fun of events is having a few laughs with like-minded souls :)


Since a few are asking about the techie details, here's the science part. All the caching videos I've published so far were edited with Ulead Videostudio, which is an excellent budget editor. Whenever I've had an idea for a particular edit, I've normally managed to do it with Videostudio one way or another. I've read good reviews of Pinnacle's competing editor, so that's worth a look if Santa brought you a camcorder today. If money and time are no object, the Adobe Premiere and After Effects are full of features aimed at the professional user, but unless you think you'll be editing for broadcast, probably overkill.


I use GoldWave for audio processing, e.g. removing background noise or adding effects like making someone sound like they are possessed :)


I normally do the static title frames with Macromedia Fireworks as it's more flexible that VideoStudio's titling features. All the dynamic effects like dissolves and fades are built into VideoStudio.


The rest is down to sheer artistic skill :lol:


Who am I kidding? - if you use lots of short cuts, pick a good soundtrack, and aren't afraid to leave some shots on the cutting room floor, it's suprising how often things just seem to fall into place all on their own!

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