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Milestone Congratulations


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February 11th, 2007. Congratulations to my wife Koikeeper for getting to 1500. Koikeeper did her first cache March 20th 2005 while under the watchful eye of "The Caching Nuts" at a SEPAG geo-teaching event. Her passion and persistance have never wavered during the past 2 years! Although we are considered a "team", the true geo-passion lies with her. I'm glad she found something she loves to do. Our next goal is to reach 2000! Thanks to SEPAG, Lehigh Valley Geocachers, and all our geo-friends who have helped us along the way. :huh: ImpalaBob

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uminski makes his 100th find at the "Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers!" (GC10NYC) event. Way to go - keep it up!!! Congrats! And thanks for bringing that high-tech industrial GPS for us to check out.


Same goes for trowel32 on hitting those really high numbers! Wow!!


UPDATE: I stand corrected.. uminski's number 100 was actually reached earlier that day at Kitegirl's "The Green Cache" (GCGBW1) right before the event. Way to go Alan!


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No milestone here, but I do believe congratulations is in order.


Some geocaches involve water hazards, and one of the best ways to stay dry is to make use of a good set of waders. But when you don't have waders, you have to get a little creative. :ph34r::ph34r:


Congratulations to KC2CFL and Restlesscrow for coming up with the coolest way to stay dry without the use of waders, on my Swept Away cache!


Good job guys!

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Thanks all! I highly recommend Chipmonks Revenge ! Its like 20 caches wrapped up into one :cool: Seriously though, it is a fantastic cache in a neat park, and definitely deserves its spot on the New Jersey's finest caches bookmark list.


Congrats to all of the other recent milestoners: Thirstymick, Polskikrol, Weathernowcast, and Mmacgown (I was following the "Macs" around at the great swamp the other day :( ) You guys rock!!!

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Wow, thank you avgraphics. Not being local I ran intp this thread by accident and feel honored to make this list.

Very nice indeed. Happy hunting to all and thanks for putting all the effort into the caches!

Kind regards from Norderstedt, Germany.


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